October 01, 2012

Mugshot Monday

I was putting Noah's jacket on him this morning as I sent him out to catch the bus.  "I've got soooooo much to share today at sharing time!" he said excitedly as he stuck his arms in the arm holes and replayed our weekend. He's right- it was an awesomely busy weekend! 

On Friday night, we had lots of "old" friends over for a dinner party.  When Kamron and I met, he was in a band called Throttle- which was a group of 22 year old boys with too much time on their hands and dreams of being rock and roll stars.  The big rock star dream didn't quite work out, but over the years, we've all stayed great friends.  Us gals in the group went from being those boy's girlfriends to being their wives and the mothers of their children.  Now when those guys get together to jam- there are 22 of us and we are severely outnumbered by all of our children!  It's fun to have friends that knew you when you were young and dumb and who still love you when you're old and boring!  Unfortunately, I forgot to get out my camera, but if I could paint you a picture, it would be of our tiny house overflowing with cute kids running at full speed full of chocolate and wielding glow sticks while their dad's relive the glory days and play music just a little too loud down in the basement.

Then Saturday was full of playing and watching soccer games.

After the game, Noah, who NEVER wants to have his picture made said, "Hey!  Take a picture of this!" 
Creepy much?
Then, on Saturday night, the mister and his band played at a military benefit.  He acquired some miniature roadies in the parking lot...
...and one of the kids became a dancing machine during the show...

There was ice cream...
...and a trip to the park where the children decided that it was their goal to catch a minnow using nothing but their hands.  Thirty minutes later, they determined that it couldn't be done...
And after a crazy weekend, there was hair that needed redoing.  I'm the one that does hair around here, but sometimes I enlist some help with the drying!
I'd be lying if I said that I didn't breath a little sigh of relief contentment when everyone left for school this morning.  The weekends are awesome- but so are those few fleeting moments of silence that come after the bus rolls away on Monday morning!

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