November 13, 2012

A Whole Lotta Stuff

After my crummy blogging track record over the last month, I keep coming back to the idea of hanging it up.  I go back and forth about whether or not this is the time to end this blog or to recommit and keep it up.  After a lot of struggle, I've decided that I'm not quite ready to stop shouting out my opinions on the Internet- and am telling myself that I better get myself back in gear after this long hiatus!  Wonder if there's anybody out there still reading?

So, what have we been up to?  TONS!

We had a birthday party for Sadie and Noah.  The grandparents and great-grandparents came out in full force.  We had a ball and even played a game of musical chairs with four generations represented.  It may have been epic.  It may have caused my Granny to fall flat on her butt and then die of laughter.  It may have started with my mother saying she'd be in charge of turning the music on and off and then having the song scream out the "f bomb" in the first line in front of my grandmothers, children and God and everyone  *sigh*  Do you all see where I get my quirks?  It's from my mother. (Love you mom!) 

I went to bed that night in tears thinking about how many people we have that pour into our children.  Our families are so good to our kids.  With remarried and dating parents on all sides- not a single one of those bonus parents ever treats us like we are stepkids/grandkids.  We are just loved and it blows my mind every single time we have a family gathering that we got this lucky in life.  Mine are some severely loved children.

My incredible husband won best financial advisor in our county for the third year running.  GO Kamron!

We still have no foster kids.  For the record, we began this journey the first week of January.  11 months later and still no kids.  I know it's because we only have room for one child and that puts us behind everyone who can take siblings.  I get it.  But good Lord!  I never in a million years thought we'd still be in this place almost a whole year later. 

Miles got a good report card.  Of course it had all the stuff we expected to have on it about how he has difficulty focusing and knowing when to stop talking, but for the most part, the kid seems to have his stuff together at school!

I found some flowers on clearance at the grocery store and I decided to treat myself.  I love how a kitchen table with fresh flowers just makes me feel happy every time I look at it.  (Also, no- my kitchen is never this clean.  I snapped this pic right before our realtor brought some people over to look at our house.  And for the record- everything that was laying around the house ended up "hiding" in the dryer.  I just shoved it all in there and then said a little prayer that went something like this:  Dear God, please don't let them look in the dryer.  And if they do, may they not sue me for whatever jumps out at them and give them a heart attack or falls out onto them and breaks their foot.  Amen.)

We spent a lot of time jumping in the fall leaves and walking around the barns at my Granny Sadie's house.  She has been trying to teach my kids how they used to run their hog operation.  The only thing my kids seem concerned about when they walk in those barns is where the pig pee used to go.  Then they run around looking for raccoon poop and scream, "Look!  Poo-ey berries!" every time they find some.  What I want to know is- when does one outgrow poop jokes?  I keep waiting for them not to be funny, but they get me every time.

It's beginning to be a while since Halloween, but here are the littles all dressed up.  Sadie was a soda shop girl, Noah was Indiana Jones and Miles was Mario.  I'm not sure what has happened in our neighborhood, but most people don't pass out candy anymore.  We made the decision to try out my mom's neighborhood instead.  We will be going back- the kids racked up and many of the neighbors passed out shots for the parents.  I think that's win/win.  Don't judge.

Sadie won a trophy when her team was the runner up in the end of the season soccer tourney.  It's the first trophy she's ever won.  She's now convinced that she needs a trophy case in her room.  For one trophy.  Seriously.  Also- is Noah's screaming face not the best photobomb ever?

Last weekend was my annual girl's retreat with my gals.  It's easily one of the things that I look most forward to every single year.  It will get it's own post, but until then, how stinkin' gorgeous are all my friends?  I love them because they are amazing, strong, giving, loving women, but I can't get over how pretty they are.   Oh, how I love these girls.

I'm currently having a love affair with my crock pot.  And on that note, I'm off to put something in it for dinner.  Ciao.

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