November 30, 2012

Around The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is the "hub" in our house.  It's where the meals happen, the games get played, the homework gets done, the tantrums get thrown when someone doesn't want to eat their broccoli, where eveything imaginable finds it's landing spot, and where we spend the most time just talking.  I love cooking dinner and looking over to see Miles running his cars across the table...or Noah sitting with a magazine and pair of scissors cutting out all the animals he wants to put in his zoo when he grows up...or Sadie busy over her homework... or Kamron with a stack of papers out preparing for a seminar.  It's just where the magic (and a fair bit of mischief) happen.  Our table is beat up, the chairs are hard and it is constantly covered in caked on bits of food or paint flecks from the last art project- but I LOVE it!

Here's a little snapshot of what's happening around our table this month...

Miles learned how to draw people for the first time.  This is one of my favorite artistic milestones to watch my kid's reach.  I always give them a few weeks to practice and then commission them to do a family portrait.  Their perceptions of our family always crack me up and each kid's finds it's way into a frame in my bedroom.

The kitchen table is where Sadie spends hours writing and drawing.  She's got a whole collection of short stories that are haphazardly stapled together and somehow tend to feature two wild little boys who get into a lot of trouble. (Art imitating life or the other way around? Hmmmm.)  She is very much into her fake glasses that she often wears during these marathon writing sessions.  She even wears them to school sometimes.  Sometimes she just puts them on because she thinks she looks cute with them on.  This phase of the unnecessary glasses is hilarious to me but I love how that girl's confidence is rock solid.

The kitchen table is also where Noah read his first book cover to cover without one bit of assistance this week.  The pride that came over his face was totally priceless.  Watching kids read just melts my heart.

The kitchen table is where we packed up our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Our kids are sooooo hoping their boxes end up in the Congo this year!

We also just had many good laughs with family and friends around the table this month.  I'm so thankful for that beat up kitchen table!

Where's the "hub" in your house?

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