November 08, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Noah!

Dear Noah,

As is the tradition in our house, I'm writing you this letter for your birthday.  This time I'm over a week late!  You'll forgive me, right?

Sadie is a daddy's girl all the way.  Miles is totally daddy's boy.  But you?  You are all mine.  You are totally proud to be a mama's boy. 

Sweet Noah.  You grew up so much this year.  You started kindergarten and LOVE it.  I always worried that school would be hard for you.  But you matured so much over the summer that you were totally ready to go to school and you are thriving there!  You can write all your letters and are learning to read.  When we sit down to read together you pick out all the words you know and when I come to those you shout them out with a big grin on your face.

Your giggle.  Oh your giggle.  Everyone that meets you says that you are the most joyous and giggly child they've ever met.  Your laugh is so contagious.  It starts in your belly and goes all the way to the rest of your body and you shake and laugh so hard that the rest of us can't help but laugh, too.

This year you were on the swim team for the first time.  You are all bones and we got such a kick out of watching you swim around in your Speedo.  You were a fast little swimmer and you are counting down the days until the summer swimming season starts again.  You also played soccer this fall and had a good time- but you said that swimming was by far your favorite.

You can snuggle like nobody's business.  If I sit down, it only takes you about 30 seconds to make your way into my lap.  You just melt into me.  When you get really tired, you still ask me to carry you to bed.  Sometimes I may act annoyed- but truly I love keeping the little in my little boy.  I hug you, say our prayers and then you beg for extra hugs.  You've also been known to run downstairs for "just one more hug".  You are such a loving little guy.

That is- until your brother gets involved.  You boys can play together so well, but you are also fiercest enemies.  You two are known to knock the other to the ground for no good reason, bloody each other up and then spend an hour making caves out of pillows like nothing ever happened.

You are by far the most competitive of the kids.  You hate to lose.  Losing sends you off the edge to another dimension.  We are working on that.  It's your one tragic flaw :-)

You are my little man.  You are the kid who notices when I get my hair cut or get a new nail polish color.  You are the first to tell me that whatever I make for dinner is "the goodest food in the world".  You are so considerate.  You  love your friends almost as much as you love your mama.  You are going to do big things in this world, Noah Terry.  God and I have big plans for you.  I believe in you.  I love you.  Thank you for being the most wonder little 6 year old on the planet.


***Every year, I interview each of my kids on their birthday.  Usually, I ask the same questions every year so that I can watch how their answers change from year (2011) to year (2010) to year (2009).  Sometimes I toss in a few new ones so that I can make sure to catch their little quirks and thoughts! 

Mom:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Noah: uhhhhh... somebody that works at a fair.  I want to make roller coasters.

Do you want to get married when you grow up?
*giggles*  That's a hard question.  Maybe.

Do you want to have kids one day?
Yes.  Maybe three.  Two boys and one girl.  Just like our family now.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
That I can ride roller coasters

What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Play outside.  That's my only good subject. 

Do you want to have more brothers or sisters?
Brothers!  Yes!  Brothers.  Oh yeah.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Play outside, coloring, play with my toys.

What is your favorite thing about mommy?
I don't know.  Maybe that you're funny?

What is your favorite thing about daddy?
That he plays tickle monster with us.

Who are your best friends?
Grace and Maxton.  And Kilee- but she lives in Haiti now. I miss her.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas!  Cause we get presents and we get more presents in our stockings.

What is your favorite thing about your brother?
That he's crazy!!!!

What do you think that high school will be like?
I'll have hard homework and there will be a lot of people there.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Disney World!

Current Favorites:
color: blue
toy: Bucky ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates
movie: The Lorax
TV show:  Spongebob and The Amazing Race
food: psketti- just kidding! I hate spagetti.  It's steak! (and ham and cheese sandwiches)
candy: Cookies and Cream chocolate bars
book:  Amelia Bedelia
song:  We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)
sport: swimming
ice cream: chocolate

Noah's 6th year in pictures:



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