November 19, 2012

Millions of Miles: Gifts That Give Twice Guide!

I love giving gifts at Christmas time.  And I love supporting charity.  This year, I committed to buying at least half of all my Christmas goods from places who support charities or who are selling fair trade items to help indigenous artisans make a living wage.  It's responsible giving, folks!  Jump on the bandwagon!

Here are my 20 favorite things from around the Internet for charitable gift giving this year.  All of them raise money for awesome causes and worthwhile ministries.  Happy shopping!

P.S.  Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below!  I'd love for this to be a great one stop destination for people trying to give compassionately this Christmas season!


From Mercy House Kenya that helps young girls safely give birth and teaches parenting skills:

Hand Rolled Paper Coaster Set (waterproof) - $15
From Ekubo Ministries in Uganda that serves the needs of children and families- doing everything from orphan care to medical care to school sponsorships for village children.
From Just Love Coffee Roasters- which helps support adoptive families and non-profits by selling fair trade coffee.  This fundraiser supports an orphanage project in Kinshasa, DRCongo.

From Freeset which operates globally to help rescue women trapped in the sex trade:
Braided Sari Bracelets- set of 3 $12
From Sole Rebel- a company making fair trade shoes in Ethiopia to provide workers with a living wage.

From Haitian Creations which serves women in Haiti- empowering them to become financially independent
From Girl Body Pride which helps girls and women learn their worth at any size.

From Ordinary Hero- a storefront that helps orphans find homes through fundraising help. 

 From Worldcraft- working in impoverished countries around the world to help women in poverty learn a trade and provide income for their families.

 Journal- $20
From Project Hopeful that serves HIV+ orphans around the worlds and helps them find permanent families

From Amazima Ministries working in Uganda to serve and educate families and vulnerable children and spread the love of Christ:
From Trades of Hope which helps empower women all over the globe and helps them provide for their families:

From 31 Nuggets of Hope which helps create support networks for adoptive parents and helping adoptive families thrive:
Hope Tote- $30
From The Autism Site which provides research and therapy for children and families affected by autism:

From Jabu Africa which comes alongside existing non-profits working in Congo, Ethiopia, and South Africa to make a better life for families and orphans:
From Krochet Kids who empower people to rise up out of poverty by creating sustainable economic development programs that support holistic growth of individuals and communities within developing nations.

From Light Gives Heat who are empowering Africans through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors 

From Show Hope which helps children find families and serves orphans all over the world:
From an etsy store raising money to help street children and orphaned children in Kinshasa, Congo:
Don't forget to put some of your favorite gifts that give back ideas in the comments! 

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