December 30, 2012

Cranberries Suck and Other Tales from Christmas Break

I love my kids.  Seriously- I do.  BUT... by what seems like the 122nd day of Christmas break I kinda feel like I'm going bat crap crazy.  And they feel it too. 

We are sans one car.  Kamron's car has a "smart key" system that is not very smart because it won't work and the dealer couldn't even get him in for 2 weeks.  So we've had a LOT of togetherness.  I love togetherness as much as the next gal, but I also like my space. 

Summer break is incredible.  We can run outside and we get into a routine.  Christmas break, however, was designed by sadists.  It's cold outside and we are sitting around in a house that looks like Christmas (or a landfill) exploded in it. 

My face is covered in zits, my Breathe Rite strips have completely pulled the freckles off of my nose, I have PMS, no one has clean socks (and I can't even find the dirty ones), there is no chocolate in the house even though it's only 6 days after Christmas, I'm only craving food that I'm allergic to,  the kids won't stop eating, we are grieving the death of our dog and blah, blah, blah...

To sum up- every little thing is making me fly off the handle right now. (I blame it on all the togetherness.)  I accidentally bought cranberry vinaigrette dressing instead of raspberry and I may or may not have opened the refrigerator door and said, "AHHHHH!  Cranberries suck!  I'm going to throw a fit!!!!!" and then done a little huffing and stomping while my husband just laughed at me.  First world problems sometimes just pile up.  Can I get an amen? I know it's childish and rediculius, but every now and then a girl just has to fall apart!

But enough negativity.  Let's switch to something positive, shall we?

The one saving grace?  The snow.  In Kentucky, we maybe get one decent snow a year.  And by decent, I mean that it actually covers most of the grass.  Papaw Gary bought the kids the Ferrari of sleds this year for a Christmas gift and we actually got some snow to use it in!

The snow was the perfect way to break the monotony of staying in and being together without wanting to kill each other.

And that sled... it was like lightening down the hills at my Granny's!

The horses decided to join us on our sledding hill.

Even in the midst of my bad mood, it still takes my breath away just looking at how stinkin' cute these little boogers are...

Hello, Gorgeous!

Mr. Joyful

When you search for a spare hat in Granny's closet, you may just stumble across an antique.  He totally rocks it.

 I think I need to resolve to get a better attitude.  This lingering bad mood stuff is for the birds!  Tomorrow is another day... 

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