December 20, 2012

The First Seven Days

The 12 Days of Christmas Kindness are in full swing around these parts.  For me- this undertaking is always a little exhausting.  At times, the kids are all for it.  Sometimes I drag them to do the Christmas Kindness project for the day.  But one thing is true every time- we always feel insanely blessed when we are finished!  (Now, if only I could translate this philosophy into working out... sigh)

We are going through a difficult season in our home and on many days, doing these projects has been my saving grace.  It also seemed VERY necessary for my kids since this year their Christmas list looked like a Best Buy ad run amok.  I just couldn't handle that focus on materialism.  And while we totally do gifts, these projects have really helped restore some of the balance in our house.

So, here's a little run down of the things we've been doing for the first 7 days of Christmas Kindness...

We made and delivered a lasagna for our sweet friend Sue who had surgery.  My kids love to make messes in the kitchen cook. 
We rang the bell for the Salvation Army...
We went shopping for gifts that kids at The Portland Promise Center (an inner city ministry) could give to their parents for Christmas.  The Center has a shop set up for the kids they serve to pick up items to give to their moms and dads.  Major thanks to GranMary and Granny for financing and donating items to this project!
We went to my grandmother's house and put up her Christmas tree for her.  It's a huge tree and she doesn't need to be going up and down the ladder.  Miles on the other hand...
 ...and then he was pumped that her vacuum was "Miles sized" and proceeded to vacuum for at least 30 straight minutes.  (Can anyone guess what Miles is getting for Christmas?!?!)  He had a ball doing it and it helped my Granny out.  Win/Win.

We went to a benefit concert hosted by Lifesong for Orphans.  We listened to some children from Lifesong's school in Zambia sing and share their stories.  Noah was sitting on his daddy's lap and midway through the performance, he leaned over and whispered, "Dad, I want to give them 20 of my own dollars."  He got it!  He understood giving and wanted to do it freely!  It was a totally proud mom moment for me.

At the concert, we chose a new, little child to sponsor.  Sadie had her panties in a wad because all the other kids we sponsor are boys.  So she picked a girl- a precious kindergartner named "Gift".

Noah went rogue and did an individual project.  He had a pocket full of pennies (that he stole out of Daddy's office drawer) and decided to put a penny in each cardboard box centerpiece at the place where we ate lunch.  He said that when people picked them up and shook them, they would be so happy that those boxes made noise and then they could use their penny to buy dessert.  Shelbyville, KY- you are welcome for that public service.  Also- I felt like it was a good atonement for stealing money.
My adorable, do-gooder friend Elizabeth collects food every year to make food baskets for needy families in our community.  We took green beans and corn to contribute to her cause.
And lastly, we made cookies for the fire department.  We set out to make them for our social worker's office, too- but alas, we ate a few too many.

5 more days to go! 

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