December 10, 2012


A few little things happening in our home lately...

**We always worry that Miles doesn't listen.  He fidgets.  He stands on his head.  He stares off into space.  Basically- he acts like a nut and we never know if he is absorbing what's going on around him.  After Sunday School last week, the big kids were telling us what they had learned.  Thinking that Miles probably hadn't paid attention, I said, "Hey Buddy, what did you all talk about in your class." 

Much to my surprise he said, "God.  Him'd haved a baby and him's name is Jesus."  Guess he showed me!

** Noah's teacher called me last week saying that he was complaining of a stomach ache.  Since he never complains and rarely gets sick, I went to pick him up early and bring him home.  We were out of pretty much all the things the kids like to eat in their lunch boxes and he had to buy lunch at school.  Turns out, he didn't like anything they were serving and so, essentially, his stomach was hurting because he was hungry!  I totally got duped on that one.  He came home, started shoveling food in his mouth and said, "Ahhhhh, much better."  Booger!  He's gotten a very stern talking to that may or may not have included the words, "When you have a job, you can't call in hungry!"  He looked at me like I had 4 heads.

**  The kids came in the living room and said, "Look at us.  We look just like Daddy!"  (In their minds, Daddy must be kinda thuggish and not wear pants.  Whatev.

** I made gluten free brownies the other day- cause sometimes even a girl with a gluten intolerance needs baked goods.   My husband deemed them as awful.  His exact wording was "only one step above no brownies."  Damn you gluten for being so darn tasty!

**  It's Christmas time.  That means it's the time of year where you find random Christmas things- like candy canes- in the washing machine.  What's most disturbing about this is that the plastic on that thing is so industrial it didn't melt or even fade the striping on the candy.  I'm contemplating putting these in a survival kit.  They seem like they would totally stand up to nuclear war and such.  Plus we'd have minty breath while we were hunkered down.  Double score.

No, I don't sort my colors.  Yes, I know I'm supposed to.

** I don't really like to wear rings.  It's not my style and they kinda hurt on my finger.  However, a few years ago I lost my wedding ring and I recently started feeling like I should replace it.  I was walking through Kohl's last week and found a plain Jane ring clearanced out to $7.  I bought it and decided it was going to be my new wedding ring (romantic, huh?).  I'm trying to figure out why I felt a need to replace it at this present moment.  The only thing I can think of is that men want to hit on a woman with three multi-colored kids. ALL. THE. TIME. and I should let them know I'm taken. (Insert sarcasm) Just typing that makes me laugh. 

**  A rainy week led the boys to create some new inside games.  One is called "sink kick" where you sit in the sink and kick each other.  And another where you put on sunglasses and ride in the grocery cart around the house and pretend like you're on a 3-D ride at Disney.  This provided many hours of entertainment.

Boys are just a different animal.
** Until next time...

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