January 28, 2013

A Whole Lotta Stuff

We've had a flurry of activity around our home.  Some of it has been on purpose (trying to stay busy to keep our minds occupied after the loss) and some of it has been just because.  When I look back over all that's been going on over the last three weeks, I kinda wonder how we survived!  Here's a little rundown of all the happenings about our house...

That man I married has always been in a band.  I mean ALWAYS.  The kind of commitment to a band that has bandmates playing drums in my basement when my babies are four days old kind of stuff.  But this month brought about the end of his band.  It was all very Fleetwood Mac.  I love that he has an outlet and has a lot of fun playing, but it is a. lot.  A. whole. lot.  I put on my big girl panties (the ones that help me stay up past 9pm) and went to his very last gig.  I got to bed around 3:30 am and then got up with the kids at 7.  How's that for a reminder of why big girl panties should be kept in the drawer!  The alter ego that comes out of that boy on stage gets me every time. Swoon. 

The big kids had so much fun on the swim team this summer that we let them sign up for a winter swim clinic to improve their fundamentals.  I think those two were born for the water.  Miles- not so much.  He tolerates the water.  Mostly, if it's below 95 degrees, Miles is shivering and cold, so he and the pool don't mix.  But I firmly believe that all kids need to know how to swim well enough that if they fell in a pool that they could get back to the side.  So the poor kid has to endure swimming lessons while the big kids do the clinic. 
This picture kills me.  That little face looks like it could totally spit venom if it would get him out of taking lessons.

Wrapped up in a warm, fluffy towel is way more his style.
And in the middle of all the hub-bub, we did this little thing called moving.  We said goodbye to the house that we've lived in for 6 years and brought home two kiddos to.  Several months ago we bought 5 acres of land and are having our dream house built.  The house should be finished in May/June and we were hoping to not have to move twice- but our existing home sold and we just couldn't turn down an offer on it, so we are renting a home in the interim.  We figured moving twice beats paying two mortgages any day.  This rental place is great.  It's small, but probably the most functional space I've ever lived in.  It's very comfortable here and the kids love it.  We left most of our belonging in boxes in the garage and it is very freeing to not have so much stuff.  The longer I think about it- the more I think all the stuff just needs to get donated.  This minimalist living seems to suit us all so much better!
Packing up the old house (otherwise known as a life sized Angry birds course)

Having "box races" (think sack races) in the new, empty house.
As we were packing up, Miles came to the realization that we had enough University of Kentucky hats that we could all wear one and insisted that we all take a picture looking "the same".

Noah came home from school with big news on the last day of getting off the bus at the old house.  He had lost his first tooth!  It was a full circle moment as I thought about bringing him home from the hospital to that house and now here he was with one of the first tell tale signs of not being a baby anymore. 
AHHHHH!  Where are the years going?!?!?
 Showing off his tooth in a plastic bag.  Pure grossness.
Sadie decided that now was the time in her life when she needed to learn how to play the guitar.  I'm not sure if she was feeling reminiscent of Kamron not being in a band any more or what, but she begged him to teach her a few things.  For days she carried around her guitar playing the intro to Ozzy Osborne's "Crazy Train".  She'd play a few notes and from somewhere in the distance Noah would do that "Aye, aye, aye" part.  They make a pretty good team.  And she's a pretty good little guitar player!


My grandmother had to keep the kids while I went to an appointment one day and when I came back to pick them up, I found Sadie going off the rails on a crazy train up in the tree.  When that girl puts her mind to something- she does it 100%.  Which is why I'm glad it's playing the guitar this time instead of creating a store for duct tape crafts like it was last month. We can not possibly make room for one more purse/cell phone case/wallet made out of duct tape!
Construction on our new house FINALLY got started! We can not wait until they start framing and we can watch it come together.  We have such big hopes for this home and all the memories we will be making there! 
We took an art class on MLK day.  This is one of the kids' new favorite things to do.  We did it once over Christmas break and they have been so excited to go and paint again.  I'm trying to come up with some clever Pinteresty way to display all of their cute painting in the new house.
And lastly, because we just needed a minute to unwind and decompress after so much stress and loss lately, we booked a last minute overnighter to an indoor water park a couple of hours away so that we could spend some time together away from everything.  In true "real life" form, our van broke down on the way there and we limped into a shop 15 miles short of our destination.  Luckily- we pulled into the shop of a super nice man who called us a cab, fixed our van and then drove our van up to us the next day.  There are still such good people in the world!
 Drippy dreadlocks make me so happy!

And then there was a serious checkers battle in the lobby of the hotel where I had the cutest checker opponent ever. 
Now we are ready to step back into a routine and slooooooow down.  Way down.  Hope you are doing well!  Thanks for hanging with us!


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