January 07, 2013

Monumentally Behind

Who's monumentally behind and just now sorting through the pictures from Christmas?  This girl!  Here's our big giant photo dump of all things Christmas/Christmas Break/New Years...

Putting up the Christmas tree.  Bunny ears and this Saturday Night Fever pose are the current  "in" thing in our house.
Such a Daddy's girl!
Putting on the ornaments.
Big kid date with GranMary to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"
Christmas with Sue and my Dad
Art class!  This was probably the favorite Christmas break activity!
I found this vintage Fisher Price barn on ebay.  It was my favorite gift to give this year.  
My aunt Ann got Miles this bathrobe- he NEVER takes it off.
Christmas Eve all posey posey
...And how they really act.
Nope.  Not excited at all.  Not even a little bit!
This is the first year that the kids used their own money to buy each other gifts.  This is what Noah picked out for Miles (He was so excited to give it to him!)  Every Congolese kid needs a red cowboy hat, right?!
Christmas morning
My beautiful Granny Sadie on Christmas Day
Having cousins is the best!  

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