January 09, 2013

Packing It Up

Our lives are in boxes right now!  We got a contract on our house and have to be out quickly!  The house that we are building won't be finished until the beginning of June and so- that's right- the Terry's will be moving twice!  (How did we ever get so lucky?  *Sigh*)  So forgive me if there is a little blogging absence... we are busy!

See all these boxes labeled "books"?  Those are my books.  My kids have about 3 boxes of books as well.  I though that I would differentiate whose books were whose by writing "adult books" on mine but then realized that the movers would think that we had box after box of porn.  In case you were wondering about the kinds of things I think about while packing... that's it.

I'll still be Facebooking- so hop over there and join me if you want to keep up with us during the shuffle!

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