February 01, 2013

A mod. movement and a giveaway!

One of the worst things about being a transracial family is that people come up to you and ask questions all. the. time.  But one of the BEST things about being a transracial family is that people come up to you and ask questions all. the. time.

Last summer, we were in Mexico on vacation and a woman came up to me and starting asking about our family.  Turns out, her nephew would be arriving into their family via adoption from Ethiopia a couple of weeks later.  The woman's name was Amber and she was adorable.  We chatted for a while and I gave her my contact info and blog address and told her that if her sister needed anyone to help her walk through the transition of bringing her son home, to give me a call.

A few weeks after returning to the states, I heard from Amber again.  She sent me an email with her precious nephew's picture attached to it:

Could he be any cuter?

But Amber wanted more than to just brag as a proud aunt.  After going through the adoption process with her family and after reading here about the plight of vulnerable kids in the Congo, Amber wanted to act.  She and I emailed back and forth and talked on the phone a lot trying to figure out what that would look like.  It turned out that Amber is the creative genius behind mod. (a store that sells camera straps and accessories)  She and her mother started the company and just knew that the company was supposed to be doing something amazing to help kids and families in Africa where their hearts were now so enmeshed.

I told Amber about an organization that I work with called JabuAfrica.  JabuAfrica is really different from most organizations serving in Africa.  We (and I say we because I am on the board of directors) don't want to reinvent the wheel.  As an organization, we realize that there are already people on the ground serving that are doing great things and who are already an active part of the communities where they are working.  Why replicate that?  Why not partner with those people and enable them to keep working? So JabuAfrica works to come alongside existing ministries and non-profits.  

Amber decided that she was ready for her company to do some good in the world and thus the mod.movement was born.  mod. is partnering with JabuAfrica for the entire month of February- donating 10% of all of their website sales!!!  (And they have gorgeous stuff!)

Here's me with my mod. strap.  I love that if I put my camera down in the middle of a kid's birthday party that it doesn't look like every other mom's boring black strap camera.  It's a cool way to give your camera a little personality.

Who doesn't LOVE houndstooth?

The main project we are partnering with right now through JabuAfrica is a nutritional feeding program in the Kapanga region of The Democratic Republic of Congo. We are empowering and training local workers to make a vitamin dense, peanut paste supplement for malnourished children and families. All of the peanuts used are purchased locally further deepening the impact on the local economy. The team on the ground is teaching families about nutrition, providing medical checkups and getting super vitamin infused peanut paste into the hands of children who are severely malnourished. Through the program we are seeing relationships blossom, children thrive and villages become more self-sustaining.

For the next 28 days, your purchases through mod. will make an impact all the way across the globe.  You can check out their whole line of products on their website

To celebrate the launch of the mod.movement and this months partnership with JabuAfrica, mod. is giving 2 Millions of Miles readers a $25 gift certificate to spend in their store!  To be entered, just use the rafflecopter entry form below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As a mom with a heart for children in the Congo- I just want to thank Amber and the rest of the gang at mod. for sharing our passion and for teaming with us to make an impact! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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