February 04, 2013

My Favorite Hour

My sweet, little Noah is 6 years old.  In the last 6 months, he started school and lost his first tooth.  He gets himself dressed and can pour his own bowl of cereal.  He's growing up right in front of me.  Noah is the one kid in our house that loves mom the best- so I'm super conscious of time marching on in my interactions with him.

Though this child is bony and rail thin, his body is like liquid when you hold him. He melts right into me- to the point where its hard to tell where he ends and I begin.   I know that the days where he wants to sit in my lap and read books or the times that he wants me to rub his back while he watches TV are not going to stay around forever so I try to make an effort to treasure them. 

When Noah began kindergarten, he had to start coming to "big church" instead of staying in the children's area.  I have absolutely come to love that one hour of the week with my son.  Noah asks to be held all during the music part.  Kamron and I switch off since Noah's become just a smidge too heavy for one of us to hold for the duration.   He buries his head in our necks and wraps his little arms around us.  Kamron and I exchange these little glances with one another that seem to say, "Can you believe that we made something this cuddly and wonderful?" 

And then comes the sermon and that child is all mine.  The preacher gets up and Noah settles in for his Sunday morning nap.  It's become a routine.  He crawls into the seat next to me and lays his little head in my lap and I stroke his hair and watch his eyelids get heavy.  It usually only takes a couple of minutes for him to be in dreamland and I get to sit there listening to a sermon with a precious little gift in my lap.  It's become my absolute favorite hour of my whole week. 

Yesterday, I just had to break the rules and sneak a picture of him because he was so peaceful and I wanted to have a snapshot to look back on as he grows... and outgrows laying in his mama's lap. 


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