March 05, 2013

Catching Up

Things in our lives seem to be marching on in really uneventful days.  I LOVE it.  Except that when there is nothing going on, there is nothing to blog about. 

We got moved almost 6 weeks ago into our rental home.  We are still hoping that the house that we are building will be finished in late May or early June.  We feel really settled in this rental.  It is cozy and small and we are all on top of each other but it's kind of great.  Life feels simple here and in this season of life all the togetherness feels good (about 85% of the time),  I can clean the whole place from top to bottom in about an hour and despite being small, there is a place for everything.  Part of me still feels like I'm nesting.  The week we were moving in here is the week that our adoption fell through and part of me just keeps holding out hope that the reason that I feel this overwhelming urge to stay on top of things and clean all the time is because my subconscious hopes that a child is making their way here.  A girl can dream. 

There is lots of progress going on at our little patch of heaven- our five acres of bliss.  We have water lines, and an electric box and a foundation!  The weather here has been super uncooperative so getting to this point took a long time.  The kids are having a ball playing on the giant piles of dirt and I'm loving watching it all come together.  Sometimes I drive by twice a day to see the progress and dream of what our lives are going to be like there.  I think about where I'm going to plant a giant weeping willow tree and where we'll hang the tire swing.

What?  You don't wear a suit and tie to a muddy building site?
And then we took this picture...
...and it reminded me of this picture that we took when Miles had only been home for 2 weeks.  Sometimes that seems like whole other lifetime ago.  My, how things change!  My babies were SO little!

Our dear friends bought a lot down the street and we have grand visions of our kids running amok in those woods and having to get a giant bell for the backyard to ring when it's time to come in at night.  It's been so fun to do this from scratch.  Everyone we talked to about building would groan and say how horrible it was- but we LOVED designing exactly what we wanted and picking out cabinets and paint colors and fixtures was like a dream for me.  Luckily, I have a husband who sat in our design meetings and said, "I want what you want."  Y'all, this man knows how to pick his battles.  So now, in addition to looking at photolistings for waiting children on adoptuskids, I keep going over the pics on my computer of all the things that we've picked out and I just get so stinking excited.

So much fun picking out what will go in our new home! 
 I started reading "Seven" by Jen Hatmaker.  These two ideas do not line up
but I am grateful for the butt kicking.

Miles has an eye doctor appointment this week and I just have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the visit where he gets glasses.  The surgery he had about a year ago to lift his eyelids has helped him so much, but by the end of the day, his lids are droopy and I think it's due to eye strain.  I think glasses will only add to his spunkiness.
Pure spunk.

I helped Sadie do her homework.  She may not ask me for help anymore.  She's smarter than me anyway, so it may not be too much of a loss for her.

A couple of weeks ago, Noah's school sent home proofs of cap and gown and formal pics they took.  They put on a suit and bow tie over the kids' clothes.  They call them "formal".  I call them "dress up the kids like ventriloquists".  Any time I need a laugh I pull out this proof.  Of course, I ordered them because I can't wait to put this one on his wedding montage video.
Have a great Tuesday!


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