March 11, 2013

I'm Lovin' It Part 642

I get on a "jag" a lot.  Here are all the things I'm currently obsessed with...

FAVORITE RECENT PURCHASE: My  new spring uniform.  If you've been here for any amount of time, you know that I love me some sweatpants.  Sometimes, though, a girl needs to wear real clothes.  About twice a year, I buy a new outfit or two and that becomes my new uniform.  I wear whatever it is to every lunch, to church, on dates and as the top half of myself when I'm on a video conference call (the bottom half that people can't see is sweatpants, duh.)  It's so rare that I do this clothes shopping thing that I have to take a gratuitous picture of myself and text it to my mother and my bestie so that they can remember what I look like when I'm not slumming it.  Here's this spring's uniform:

Whoop there it is.  Complete with hand on hip to make myself appear skinnier since that's what all the cool kids are doing these days.  Normally, my uniform comes from Target, but currently it's all just a little too 80's for my taste- so I splurged at Loft (where the aging 30+ population goes to get older, waaaah!) 

Here it is again from my Granny Sadie's 77th birthday party.  She's one of my other favorite things :)

Rocking this outfit every. single. day.  But seriously- how stunning is my Granny?
FAVORITE CONFERENCE:  Hands down, Summit 9.  This year it will be in Nashville, TN on May 2-3rd.  I'll be speaking there and you should come. (Those two things are not related)  The breakout sessions are unbelievable- everything from special needs adoption to best practices for helping orphans in their home countries to foster care to advocacy.  David Platt will be one of the keynote speakers.  Swoon.  Since the day I read Radical a few years ago, I've wanted to hear him speak.  The boy is on fire. 
Right now, I'm reading Seven by Jen Hatmaker and LOVING it.  She's quirky and relatable and now that I'm 100 or so pages in, I feel like she is my BFF.  It's a phenomenal look at the consumerism in America.
This picture on Pinterest led me to this blog that shows all of the top 100 paint colors in real rooms.  This is changing my life because I can NOT look at paint color swatches and tell a darn thing from it, so it's great to see what the colors look like on an actual wall!  This color is Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray and it is going in my dining room and office in our new house. 
I'm probably really late to the party on this one, but I'm really loving  It is a site where celebrities read books to kids.  It's great to use when you need to get dinner ready but really don't want the kids to be watching TV or playing Angry Birds.  It's kind of like reading with FLAIR- and the stories they've selected are really great ones!
For just darn good writing: These Little Waves
For all things artsy-craftsy: Two Story Cottage
About adoption and family: Any Mommy Out There

For encouragement: Momastery
"Mom, last night I had a dream that a gorilla was chasing us and was gonna eat us! But then! Him got out he's Bible and it told him not to and we were safe!" - Miles, age 4

And just to leave you with another thing that is my favorite... these people... love.
Got any favorites right now that I should know about???
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