April 07, 2013

A quick update and a tiny little challenge

Friday night, our giant vacation giveaway for Congo/Haiti came to a close at midnight- I have SO much to say about that, but I'll keep it brief today. We finished at $10,920!!!!!!  (I could use at least 10 billion exclamation points!)

On Friday at dinner time, we still had a long way to go.  I began wondering if we'd make that goal!  Y'all are 11th hour donors (and I almost have an ulcer to prove it!) Evidently, a few other people didn't think we'd make it to the goal either.  A sweet friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, went to bed early on Friday night with a conviction in her heart.  She told herself that when she woke up on Saturday morning, she would donate whatever we needed to get to that $10,000. 

Imagine her surprise when she woke up and realized that we had surpassed it by $920!  But the story doesn't end there.  You see, my friend is an accountant and she said that it was really bugging her that the number was not a nice tidy round number so she asked if she could donate $80 to make it an even $11,000.  ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!  YOU GUYS- do you even know how much of an impact $11,000 can make for Heartline Haiti and JabuAfrica? 

But the story still doesn't end.  My friend said, "I had been planning on making up the difference and I still want to give.  Here's 500 more dollars."  Oh my word.  That put us at $11,500.  Do you see how this just keeps growing?  I put up a blurb about her goodness on our Facebook page and a few people were so inspired by her goodness that they put up some extra as well to try to get us to an even $12,000.  The goal was to match her $500.  As it stands, we've come up with half. 

This is where you come in...  That original $10,000 was good.  But $12,000 is oh so much better!  We are now only $250 short.  Even though the raffle is over, if any awesome person out there would like to help us get to the goal, the donation button is still working.  As an incentive, if anyone gives the $250 still needed, I will put up your business ad, or blog ad, or an ad to whatever you are selling as a banner across the top of this website for a month.

Anyone want to take me up on it?  Bueller?  Bueller? 

Let's get to $12,000!

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