April 08, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Do you see that meter up there at the top?  Do you see that is says TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS

Holy moly!  I just can't thank you enough for how you all always rally around these causes year after year.  Every year, as an ulcer and the anxiety set in, I tell my family that I am NEVER going to do this again, and every year we do it any way- because in the back of my mind, I just know that you all are so awesome that you will support it!

To every single one of you who bought tickets, or shared about it on Facebook or Twitter, or prayed over this thing, or just merely tolerated my incessant Facebook posts about it- THANK YOU!  Your donations will make a huge impact to JabuAfrica and the Nutrition Program and Heartline Haiti's Maternity Center

Friday night, my mom and I were writing out all of the tickets.  I know that there probably has to be a better way to do it than to write all 1000+ tickets out by hand, BUT- I had so much fun writing your names and telling my mom all about you.  I found myself saying, "OH!  Their son had brain cancer and he is doing so well now!  He just joined the soccer team!" or "They are leaving for Ethiopia next week to pick up twins!" or "These single moms donating so much are the picture of sacrificial giving!"  It just humbled me- people bought who are fundraising for their own adoptions- yet they gave.  People gave that I don't even know- and who don't know that I will honor your donations like a precious gem.  People gave who said, "This is my entire tithe for the year because I BELIEVE in these organizations."

As I wrote your names, I prayed over your families.  Lest you think that's all saintly- I drank a glass of wine while I prayed, probably negating all the prayers- but nonetheless, your families brought me to my knees with your goodness and generosity.  THANK YOU!

I also have to thank the awesome companies that sponsored this whole thing- Global Resorts (who donated the vacation home) Kissimmee Guest Services (Sea World tickets) and Boggy Creek . Without them, none of this could have happened.  The people at Global Resort Homes were so supportive.  I think that during the last hours, they were refreshing the total constantly, sending encouragement along the way.  They were ecstatic when we shattered that goal!  If you are ever going to Disney, these are the people to call!

So now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  The winner of the 3rd Annual vacation giveaway for Congo/Haiti is...  (I apologize for Noah's gyrating hips.  It's a phase that is going on it's 6th year.)

CONGRATS to the winner! Was it you????

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