May 09, 2013

And a partridge in a pear tree

Wow.  I've never neglected this blog quite this badly before.  Thanks for hanging with me.  Adding a fourth child has added a whole other level of chaos to our already cuh-razy lives.

I think that each mom has a threshold for how many kids she can thrive with.  I have friends whose numbers are up in the teens.  Some have a threshold of one.  Mine is evidently four.  Just as source of reference, though, when we had two kids, I said that my threshold was two.  I upped it to three when Miles came along.  You see where I'm going with this?

Anyway- things are going okay.  None of this "foster family stuff" is quite what I thought it would be.  One of our kids is really struggling- and it's not one of the ones that I anticipated having a hard time.  If I'm being honest, it pulls out every ounce of insecurity in our decision to do this.  You always hear that the risks are high- but you don't realize what those risks are going to be until you are living them.  The rewards are high, too.  There is nothing quite like attending a school play for a child who beams at you from the stands and you know that being there and helping make a costume for her has made a difference.  And there's nothing quite like taking that child to the store to buy flowers for her mom for mother's day and knowing that you get to have a front seat to watching a family heal.  That's incredible.

And so, despite the risks, we plow through- because on this risk/reward system, the rewards far outweigh.  And we get therapy.  And we talk to other people who are doing it.  And draw strength from our friends who lovingly pop by with dinner or call to give a pep talk.  I think in times like this, it's awesome to sit back to just reflect on how truly blessed we are.

Speaking of blessed... the brick is going on our new house as we speak.  We hear that from this point on, it usually takes 6-8 weeks until completion.  We built this big house to fill with the world's children.  I designed it with foster kids in mind.  And yet, I've been getting these hair brained idea about what other things we could do with extra bedrooms- since four kids is my threshold, remember?  Like host moms in crisis pregnancies.  Or serve as a temporary shelter for refugees who are new to the area. It's a wonder that my husband has not divorced me.  I'm planning on turning our new house into a Motel 6 for strangers.  He just smiles and nods and probably goes to bed praying that my meds kick in soon.  Bless it.

So, our day to day hasn't changed a lot.  We are still on the go all the time.  We've done a LOT in the last six weeks~  Here's a little pictorial rundown of the last season of our lives.

 We went to the zoo.

Miles got a new shirt.  It says, "My mom is blogging this" and I make him wear it every single day.

Noah started sitting like this regularly and doing weird stuff with his legs. We think he's made of jelly. 

We took the fam (and our bonus daughter- Sadie's BFF Alexis) to the Blue/White UK spring football game. 

 We played outside A LOT!  This teeny tiny rental condo is seriously closing in on us more and more every day.  

First outdoor movie night of the spring in small town Kentucky.

I took the big kids to see Taylor Swift.  We had an absolute blast!  Sadie said that it was the best night of her life.  And Noah sang every song at the top of his lungs.  Now they want to go on tour with Taylor.  I kinda do too.

I got to go to and speak at the Christian Alliance For Orphans annual Summit.  It's possible that I fell while walking off the stage and into the front row of people during our presentation.  It's also possible that I shrugged it off and made a joke about breaking my hip. It's also possible that these things only seem to happen to me. I got to steal a few minutes with Bishop Martin, who's church essentially emptied the foster care system in their town.  He is truly inspiring.

New kitties were born at the farm.

 We visited with Kamron's grandpa.  Noah's middle name is Keller, after Grandpa Terry.  He is such a great man, and I hope that Noah lives up to that name!

The day before my birthday, we went fishing at my Granny Sadie's.  My mom and dad both came. It's the first birthday in my adult life where I've had my brother and mom and dad all together.  It was 12 kinds of awesome.  It was one of those days where I just crawled in bed at night and couldn't believe how lucky I am.  It was also the first time our foster daughter had ever gone fishing!  She LOVED it.  I wish that I could share the picture I have of her with her first little fish on her pole.  It is priceless. 

My dad and my kiddos and my adorable nephew.

 Oh, this girl.  She's on a campaign to convince us that we need a horse.  My answer of "but we can go and enjoy Granny's horses anytime we want to" does not appease her.

Today is my mom's birthday.  I hope that I age this well!  This picture embarrasses her.  She was sitting on top of the pickup truck watching my brother clean the mess of fish we caught.  She thinks it looks like a posey posey senior picture.  I think when she's old, she'll look back and say, "Holy cow!  I was HOT when I was 51!)  Right?!  Happy birthday, Mom!

And a few others just for fun...

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