May 30, 2013

Random- ocity

Time, lately, is a weird thing.  It seems like the days are flying by and dragging all at the same time.  I decided that we could not stay cooped up at home all summer and so we are spending our days at the pool.  The kids go to swim practice (which they are all loving!) and then we eat a picnic lunch and then play at the pool for the rest of the afternoon.  I should buy stock in sunscreen.  The kids are all brown and tan and gorgeous and I'm just fried and red.  Such is life!

This boy.  Oh my heart.

*There are a few things that I've noticed while spending my days at the public pool.  First of all, there are no men at the pool in the summer.  It is full of moms who fall into two camps: the moms with perfect hair, tan, teeth, bodies and whose bikinis and cover ups actually match and their kids all have perfectly monogrammed everything then there are the moms who are more like Honey Boo Boo's family who wear see through tee's in the pool.  I'm going to start my own group for moms who are trying to kill time who have cellulite and are just praying that one of their kids doesn't start to drown so that they don't have to jump in the freezing water.

*My favorite pair of jeans wore a hole through the crotch.  I was telling my friend, Jessica, about this and she said that her jeans were starting to wear through in the crotch as well.  We are trying to figure out what is going on with our crotches that makes them melt denim.

*They started putting the deck on our new house.  We are just so excited to have a place to sit that is not covered in mud or drywall dust.

How cute is this man I married?  When we got married 10 years ago, he was all city.  In the last few months, I've seen him wield a chainsaw and an ax (which is oddly sexy).  I'm going to convert this one into a country boy, yet.  His metamorphosis is almost complete.  Or at least it's complete from the hours of 6 pm until bedtime.  The rest of the time he sits behind a desk in a suit and tie selling mutual funds and such which is not very country at all.  But he looks cute doing that, too, so it's all good.

*We are becoming experts at "kids eat free" nights around town.  The fourth kid tipped the balance in our eating out budget.  But sometimes a mom just needs a night out of the kitchen.  Tuesday was kids eat free night at one of our favorite barbecue places.  They have these giant glasses that are the equivalent of 3-4 regular sized glasses.  If I had to give them an ounce assignment, I would say they maybe hold 32 ounces.  I ordered an iced tea and it was so delicious and I was so thirsty that I sucked it down in record time before our food even arrived.  I had a second glass with our meal.  And then for some reason, I said yes when the waitress asked me if I'd like a giant tea in a to-go cup.  Miles would have called it huge-normous.  I call it a sickness.  I drank until I puked.  And then I had a good laugh and how my 21 year old self would have been so disappointed with my 32 year old self's definition of "drink til you puke" and then I puked again.  I have learned my lesson.  100 ounces of iced tea in 2 hours = very, very bad.

*Noah's bear Max has become such a staple in our home, that many times, I find Max sitting at the table eating Teddy Grahams (cannibalism) or perched in a chair watching TV.

Max came along at such a transition time for our family and I'm so grateful that Noah has him.  Granted, 6 years old is probably bordering on too old to have such a strong friendship with a stuffed animal, but whatever.  I slept with my teddy bear until my husband banned it from our marital bed, so I'm probably not a good example of age appropriateness.

* Sadie's friend came over to play yesterday.  I heard the following conversation.

Friend:  I wish I had a sister like you do.
Sadie: Well, you have a parrot.  It's pretty much the same thing.

I never had a sister so I think that I underestimated just how freaking competitive sisters are.  The other day we were talking about tornadoes.  One of them started talking about how they had to sit in the basement during a tornado warning.  Then the other said, "Oh yeah?  I saw a tornado once."  Which escalated to the other saying, "So, when I was little, a tornado picked up my bike and threw it through the roof."  I had to remind them both that neither of them have ever been in a tornado but if they would like to keep up this type of talking that I would be more than happy to pick up both of their bikes and throw them through the roof.  Mom=1 Whiny Kids=0

* Miles has a new hobby.  It's not a good one.  In fact, it's rather disturbing.  He does this all. the. time.

And that's life in a "nut" shell.  (I couldn't help myself, sorry.)

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