July 13, 2013

Big Adventures

The big kids and Kamron decided to try their hand at surfing this week.  When in Hawaii...

The kids LOVED it and have said at least a million times that it was the highlight of their week.  It's too bad that we don't have a beach in Kentucky because I could totally see Sadie and Noah becoming full time surfin' bums.

The company that we surfed with was just awesome with the kids.  The instruction was so good that everyone got up on their first wave!  Miles was a bit too small and he's not a strong swimmer, so he and I took up residence on the beach and enjoyed watching the others have the time of their lives.   Our kids now want to plan all of our vacations around where they can surf.  I just love watching them try new things and have so much fun doing it!  The instructor took a fancy pants camera out during their lesson and got some of the most stunning photos that I just had to share.  I can't wait to frame some of these!

Photo credit: Big Kahuna Adventures

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