July 11, 2013

Living The Dream

Oh my goodness.  We are spending the week in Maui, Hawaii.  As my kids have said daily, "This is the best week of my life!!"  I can't even begin to describe how desperate for a vacation we were- so this week has been invaluable.  We've spent our time reconnecting, exploring, and having a blast.  I've said it before, but our kids seem made for vacations.  As soon as we leave Kentucky, they become these amazing little adventurers, who have all kinds of bravery and aren't afraid to try new things.  Of all the ways that we spend our money, giving my kids these kinds of experiences, is by far one of my favorites.  It has done my heart so much good to see their big smiles and carefree laughs after what can only be described as a very difficult last three months.

Here's a little pictorial rundown of all of our fun~

 We are having to drag these kids out of the ocean each night to make them eat.  I think that if they had their way, they would body surf every single wave from sun up to sun down.

 Peanut butter and jelly tastes gourmet when you eat it on the beach!

 Hiking through the rainforest.

 Some rocks just need to be peed on.

 Picnic lunch on the road to Hana.

 Sadie and Kamron went swimming in a cave.  

 Kamron, Noah and Sadie sitting in surf school.

 Hang ten, Sadie! Both kids got up on their first try and caught waves all over the place.  They were total naturals at surfing. 

 Miles prefers the pool :)

 Oh, how we love Edward Jones and the opportunity they give Kamron to earn trips and take us with him! The company is SO good to our family!

 The gang at the Maui Ocean Center

Kamron and Noah surfing!

This is where we had our picnic- not a bad view, huh?

Ready to hang ten.   

 Sunset over La'haina.

PARADISE!  We may never come home!

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