August 16, 2013

A teeny tiny overdue update

Just a quick little update to say that we are doing well- oh so well!

It's been a month of changes around here.  First of all, we said goodbye to our foster daughter.  We still keep in touch with her but the whole experience has taught me that we are probably not the kind of people who are cut out for foster care.  Holy moly- it is a roller coaster.

Secondly, we moved into our dream house (and were without internet for nearly a blue moon or a fortnight- I don't know how long either of those are, but whichever is longer is probably more appropriate)  We are LOVING being in our home.  The kids feels so settled here.  We sit on the deck at night and watch the mama deer and the baby deer play in the field.  We have room to roam and we feel like we can breath again.  It was crazy the instant calm that seemed to come over our spirits when we coupled the move with going back down to three kids instead of four.  This house felt like ours from the minute we moved in.  It was so much fun watching it go up and even more fun living in it.

Thirdly, the kids started back to school.  All of my babies are finally in all day school.  The first day they went back, I crawled back in bed and took a five hour nap.  Nine years of getting them to this point evidently made me tired!

I will post so much more later- this is just a mini update.  It had just been an entire month since I last posted (yikes!) and quite frankly, if I have to endure another text from my mother saying, "Why won't you blog?" I may just have to change my number.  (Love you mom!) Until next time...

 First day of school pics:

 Miles- first day of kindergarten

 Noah- first day of first grade

 Sadie- first day of fourth grade

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