September 19, 2013


We would like to introduce you to OUR DAUGHTER!!!!  That's right, we've adopted again!

Meet Scarlett!!!!

We stand in awe of how amazing and loving this child is.  Scarlett is 6 and has joined our family from a disrupted adoption.  She is such an incredible little girl.  Scarlett has been living with us for a while already.  Lest you feel like we've pulled one over on you- we had to wait until certain consents and legal mumbo jumbo were all signed before we could make an announcement.  Believe me- I wanted to shout this news from the rooftops a LOOOOOONG time ago. 

Our kids are all adjusting so well.  We can say without a doubt that we are no longer honeymooning- however, we were made for this child.  Her needs and our strengths line up like magic.  And we are overjoyed at the privilege to parent and help heal this little miracle.   

Scarlett is dainty and girly.  She is so gentle in spirit and feels deeply.  She loves pop tarts, beans, jumping on the trampoline, playing with dolls and school.  She has the most adorable little accent as she has only been in the US for about 18 months. She likes horses and reading and snuggling.  And Miles.  Oh she loves Miles with reckless abandon.  I think that these two were always meant to be brother and sister.   They make each other so genuinely happy.  Every time I think of how they came from such brokeness- it wrecks me to watch them complete each other like they do.  

  My Congo Kids.  Kids.  Plural.  With an "s".  How did I get so lucky in this life?

And the fearsome foursome?  Ahh, there is love 87.3% of the time.  The rest of the time someone is touching someone else that doesn't want to be touched or taking someone's turn on the iPad without asking.  Such is life.  But seriously?  Are these not the most gorgeous children ever?  I know that I'm biased- but I don't think I could have genetically made cuter ones in a custom kid making lab.

While I've been relatively quiet on this blog lately for fear of spilling the biggest secret ever- our lives have been full.  Not necessarily busy- just full of getting to know one another and comforting and teaching and loving and growing and trying to instill a sense of self worth in our girl.  Disruptions are hard- for the child, for the first family, for the new family.  It is such an unfortunate part of adoption that is so misunderstood and judged.  We are just grateful that we are the vessel for a new beginning for this kiddo.

I just couldn't wait for you guys to share in our joy!  Sometimes when I think about this life that I get to live, I can't help but be overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for how God knit it all together.     

Here's the real peek into the last couple of months into our lives as a family of 6 and a glimpse into Scarlett's adorable personality.  Forgive the onslaught of pictures- this mama has been waiting a long time to brag!

Waiting with my mister to pick up Scarlett.  Our stomachs were in knots.  We only had about 12 hours notice on this one- yes, you read that right.  Making decisions on the fly is not our specialty!  But the leap of faith was SO WORTH IT!

 Meeting Scarlett for the first time. We watched "The Winx Club" on my phone most of the way home. I'm pretty sure she had no idea what to think.  Four days into it she came and asked if she could "whisper something" to me.  She said, "I like it for you to be my mom.  I think I would like it for to live here.  Okay?"  Bless it.

First family portrait

Lots and lots of playing.

Sixty piggies. 

Total diva ready to go swimming.

Having a daddy to play in the pool with is SO MUCH FUN!

A little pre-church snuggling.

Scarlett and Granny Sadie

It was pouring down rain.  I told the kids to grab and umbrella and go have fun.  "But mom!  You mean we get to play outside?  In the rain!?!?!"  She LOVED it!

We had only been in our new house about 5 minutes when Scarlett moved in.  There was still a lot of organizing and unpacking to do!  So many life changes all at once.  Never a dull moment.

Since we had pretty much no notice that Scarlett was coming, we were so blessed that my mom and stepdad came and put her bed together while we were picking her up.  And my friend Jennifer brought a doll house and a whole closet full of clothes.  And papaw Gary brought a bike.  Our family and friends truly came through with flying colors to help our girl have a cute room and feel welcomed!

Riding a bike for the first time ever!

Playing "Lion King"  She pins him every time.  

Breakfast before school.  They are not morning people.  At all.

"Mommy.  I'm gonna kiss you and you take our picture, okay?"

Another Terry kiddo gets introduced to the infamous gold dryer.  Scarlett had never had her hair fixed before. Tender headed does not even begin to describe it.

Sassy pants. She does not leave the house without being fully accessorized.

Kamron showing her the family photos and explaining how all of our crazy relatives are related.


So... getting hair braided was not very fun.  But she was SOOOOO proud of her new look!

Sisters.  Scarlett idolizes Sadie.  It's something akin to hero worship.

Hulabaloo Tournament.

Family movie night.  Scarlett is crawled up in Sadie's lap.  This dynamic is such a good fit.  Sadie loves being the little mama.  And Scarlett craves being babied.  Win/Win.  Until they get on each other's "nerds"- then all bets are off.  

Sleeping beauty- with her books and a whole lot of nekkid baby dolls.

Getting posey before school.

Plaid shorts twins.

Girl's night.  Mud mask style.  We come in peace.

There are no words.

The boys felt neglected and had to join the fun.

Family trip to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Daddy bonding time playing Headbands.

Sitting on the porch with Papaw Gary and Kennethia.  Peeling vegetables and doing hair.  Welcome to the deep south y'all.

Entirely too adorable.

Partners in crime.  I'm dreading the teenage years and the shenanigans they are going to pull.

After school snack and homework time.  Quite a change from those non-morning people.

In addition to a new daughter, we have two new cats- Prissy Missy and Nia.

Brown eyes melt me.

First day of first grade.


Saturday morning chores.  This kid can sweep like a champ.

Playing in the sunshine.

The view of my lap in church on Sunday mornings.  Sermons evidently make 6 year olds super tired.

Football is becoming a nightly tradition.  Miles scores every time because no one in our family can outrun him.


Go Scarlett Go!

The day that Scarlett came home, Noah made this picture for me.  I think it sums it up better than anything ever could.  This picture is now framed and on our mantle.  It makes me smile every time I look at it and reminds me that God is good and faithful and has blessed us beyond anything we could ever deserve and has equipped us immensely for a time such as this.

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