November 02, 2013

Girl Time

Several weeks ago, Sadie and I got to go on a girl's trip to Washington, DC.  Lucky us, it was right in the middle of the government shutdown.  Sigh.  But we didn't let any yellow caution tape hinder our visit and we busted right through with all the tourists and beheld all the monuments.  In the rain.  It poured the entire 48 hours that we were there.  We walked until we both had blisters on our feet and the burlap that my shoes were made of shrunk two sizes from the puddles.

We got to go on this trip as part of Ford's Driving Skills for Life Program.  I'm hoping all of their warnings about texting and driving will stick with Sadie for the next 6 years until she gets her license.  A mom can hope.

We had been tossing around the idea of taking all of our kids on a one on one trip for their tenth birthdays.  I think 10 just feels like a critical age.  In my mind it's just where the balance starts to tip between being a little kid and never ever wanting to be seen with your mother again.

Spending one on one time with the kids is something that we try to do whenever we get the chance, but with four kids, those chances don't happen that often.  It's really something I wish we were more intentional with but there just don't seem to be enough free nights!

It was so incredible to get to just talk with Sadie for 2 straight days without any bratty little brothers and sisters interrupting her.  We ate food that the others would never eat.  We rode around in taxis and got pedicures.  We ate dessert at every meal and otherwise just enjoyed being together.  That Sadie- she's just an incredible kid.  I never wanted to be one of those moms that was their kid's friend instead of their mom, but she's just so much fun to be around that I'd pick her as a friend any day.

All that fun will wear a girl out!

Thanks, Ford, for sponsoring our trip to DC!

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