November 03, 2013

If a picture's worth 1000 words... Will I remember what those words are when I'm old?

My goodness, these four make an adorable picture...

But in the effort of full disclosure, one kid was super mad that the cake was chocolate instead of vanilla and talked about how unfair that was for a solid hour. (They did not take "When it's your birthday you can pick the cake" for an answer.) One kid was just all the way around mad that the day was about someone else (the horror!) and ended up earning the privilege of just having to call it a day early.
And one kid ran out of hot water and threw an epic tantrum.  And to be honest, the cake wasn't even that good.  

But what was great was playing zombie tag in the dark at the request of the birthday boy.  And watching the birthday kid light up with excitement when he opened his present! I often wonder when I'm old and gray and look back at our family photos if I'll remember all those behind the scenes things that go in to each photo or if I'll just look at those faces and only remember the good?  I truly, truly wonder if 40 years from now if I'll look at this picture and remember that I kind of wanted to tar and feather then all for an hour before and after this picture or if I'll just smile and say, "Ahhhh, remember when they were all this little?!  They were just so cute!"  

I'm hoping it's the latter!

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