February 01, 2014

Catching Up

We've been up to an insane amount of "stuff" these last few months.  Not to mention that we got in some serious bonding time (AKA too much togetherness) during Snowpacolypse 2014.  There were a few times when I got the call about school being called off...again... and a little tear would trickle down my face.  Once I may have thought about dropping them off at school anyway just to see what would happen.  Luckily, we all survived.  But the pictorial rundown of the last few months of pictures are pretty much only taken in pajamas.  One day I put on jeans and the kids said, "Oh my gosh!  What's happening today!?!?!" because we really did go that many days in our pajamas.

Here's a little rundown of all the things we've been doing since the great blog hiatus.

Some of our favorite little Haitian Missionary kids came to visit.  My kids have soooo missed their friends while they were out of the country.

Y'all, I get this look constantly.  I think it is the precursor to the eye roll.  It's a good thing it's not the full on eye roll because those throw me in to a full on rage.  Seriously, redrum.

 Holiday cooking- my mom and Granny

Sadie got glasses.  Now, if she could just loose some teeth so she could get braces her life would be complete.

The bond these two have is crazy.  They have their own language (they speak in these weird squeals and grunts) and roll around on the floor together doing NOTHING for hours.  I'm really not sure how Miles ever functioned without her.

We really didn't do so hot with our Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness. Between the snow and illnesses, we only completed 5 or 6 days.  This is Noah and my Mamaw making Christmas cards for shut-ins.

My father-in-law got married in Florida and we had a little airport honeymoon homecoming party.


We had a lot of dance parties in front of the Christmas tree.  The reason for this is that when the children started to get out of control, I would crank up the music and make them dance it out.  We had approximately 300 of these a day.  Snow days + Christmas Break = disaster.

These two were in the school first grade play together.  Noah busted out a rap about a Christmas tree that would make Snoop Dog proud.  I asked them to pose for a picture together and they acted like it might kill them.  Oil and water, folks.  But they do make a nice picture :-)

This is the slacker moms rendition of a "bird" costume.  She loved it so all was good.  Sometimes Scarlett's beauty just takes my breath away.

Noah went a little crazy with the boa after the play.  

Christmas Kindness.  Miles jumped out in front of people on their way out of the grocery store and spread out his arms wide and said, "Merry Christmas everyone!" Then busted out whatever carol came to mind.  And people opened up their wallets and gave the boy $20 bills like their lives depended on it.  I can guarantee that he single handly raised more money for the salvation army in one hour than that bucket normally made in a day.  

Kamron has one job at Christmas- make the sausage balls.   This year he had helpers.

Pure cuteness.  (And for the record, this NEVER happens, thus making it photo worthy)

Christmas Eve after the kids went to sleep.

New playdoh in their stocking made for hours of fun.  And I'm ever so thankful there is no carpet in our new house!

Noah just can't get enough reading.  Reading clicked for him this year and he is hooked.

The kids got gift cards to paint their own pottery and had so much fun making creations.

We played 15 million games of checkers and Trouble over the break.  I lost 97% of the time.

We hosted all the Terry side of the family for Christmas.  It was a blast with all the guitars and karaoke.  This was during the Johnny Cash jam session.

The puppet master.

Kamron grew up next door to this wonderful lady.  He started cutting her grass when he was a pre-teen.  When we were first married, she would let us come over and work in her yard for extra money when we were flat broke.  We had her over for a day and fed her Oreo cookies, which she said she hadn't had in decades.  It was a great day.

We celebrated Papaw Johnny's birthday.

I got my hair colored super dark.  I left it that way for about a month until I got tired of feeling like a goth, brooding vampire.  Highlights back in.  I always think I want dark hair and get a little dissapointed when it doesn't magically make me look like Princess Kate or Courtney Cox.  Whatevs.

 I went on my annual girls weekend with my besties.  Can't even begin to describe how much these girls mean to me.  I always come home feeling refreshed and normal and sore from laughing so much. 

We totally get matching shirts every year because we are just that silly.

Sadie and Phil.


My favorite tree decked out in all it's snow glory.

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