November 10, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Scarlett!

Dear Scarlett,

Today you are turning EIGHT!  WOW!

You are our spunky, spirited one.  You sure do keep us on our toes!  You are also insanely beautiful.  It seems like everywhere we go people look at you and saw, "What a beautiful girl."  always followed up with "WOAH.  Look at those long legs."  Those long legs carry you FAST! You are the only one in the family who can almost outrun Miles- which is saying something because he nearly breaks the sound barrier.

You are so creative.  Your favorite things to do are to play with your dolls and stuffed animals.  You make up these lives for them and nurture them and make them sit through endless hours of playing school and family.  You teach them things like 18 + 9 = 14 because MATH IS HARD!  :-)  You are great with little kids.  You love babies and I think you are going to be such a great teacher when you grow up.  Or a pediatric nurse.  I just see you in a job where you are caring for little ones.

One of my favorite things that you and I do together is hair.  You hate the thought of it, but once we are in the thick of it, I see you get excited about a new do.  It's also something that only you get to be a part of.  With four kids around here, it's hard to carve out hours of having mommy to yourself- so it kind of turns into "our time".  You've figured out that bonding goes two ways with hair and you ask to do my hair a lot.  I LOVE it.  You and I talk a lot about how different people feel love and you know that I feel loved when someone brushes my hair.  So your frequent, "Mommy, can I do your hair?" means so much to me- because, baby, it's not just hair.  It's a huge step in watching you learn to give and receive love and to trust the process.  Plus you are gracious with me and how sorely lacking my hair skills are.

You and Miles are attached at the hip- best friends and especially partners in crime!  You are two balls of energy that just move like a force through this house and lightening speed.  You really look up to Sadie.  You two fight a lot.  I didn't have a sister, but I'm told this is what sisters do.  They scream "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" all the time, followed by "STOP TAKING MY STUFF!"  If this is what sisters do, then you all have this thing down pat.  But you also want to be like Sadie and it's adorable.  The minute she gets out of her preteen angst and throws you a bone and asks you to play you leave everything you are doing behind to be with her.

Sadie taught you how to ride your bike.

This year, reading really clicked for you.  You love to read.  At night I often find you with your lamp on staying up way too late with your little books in your hand.  I find you going back and reading the toddler classics, too, because you missed that. It's kind of like making up for lost time.  It really does my heart good when I find you've put down your chapter books in favor of Curious George and Corduroy sometimes.

You sing.  Oh my gosh, do you sing.  LOUDLY.  You know every word to every top 40 song.  Truly, every one of them.   Every song is your jam. Sometimes when you sing, dogs and coyotes start howling, but you don't care.  You just make a joyful noise.  I love that you are totally uninhibited and free and you just do what feels good to you without worrying about what anyone else thinks.  Keep that.  Soon, I know that you will be self conscious about everything- try to stay free and true to yourself for as long as you can.  Keep singing "Let It Go" and every Katy Perry song at 4 billion out of tune decibels.  Get on with your bad self.  It's darling.

If I had to describe you in one word, I think your word for the last year was "tenacious".  You don't give up.  Things are not easy for you and you just keep working at them.  You've had a huge mountain in front of you to climb and you just keep climbing. You are inspiring.

I think my favorite thing about you is your letter writing.  You have a hard time expressing yourself in the moment.  For a verbal person like me, that sometimes makes things hard between us.  But when you put a pencil in your hand, watch out.  You can write out all the things that are hard to say.  You bare your soul in your letters.  Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it's like coming up for air to get a glimpse into your heart.  You write such precious little things to your siblings.  Almost daily you will deliver a letter to me with all your deepest thoughts and likes and dislikes about life.  You have a gift.   Maybe you will be the next great writer and in 20 years we will all be buying your bestseller.  It wouldn't surprise me a bit.  You are destined for amazing things, love, and when you set your mind to something, you could accomplish anything.

Scarlett, you are such a precious gift.  You are so loved.  You are worthy of love!  You deserve great things.  I'm so proud of you!

I hope this is your best year yet!

This is my favorite video of Scarlett.  I tear up every singe time I watch it.  

Scarlett's Annual Birthday Interview

Mom:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Scarlett: A Teacher!
Mom: Why do you want to be a teacher?

Mom:  Because I think my teacher is really good at teaching and I want to be good at teaching, too.

Mom: Do you want to get married when you grow up?
Scarlett: Yes.

Mom: Do you want to have kids one day?
Scarlett:  Yes!

Mom:  How many
Scarlett:  Four. Both girls and boys.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Scarlett: That I love my mom. I like my smile. 

Mom: What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Scarlett: Reading and writing.

Mom:  What kinds of things do you like to read and write about? 
Scarlett:  I like to read chapter books and I like to write about my family. 

Mom: What is your favorite joke?
Scarlett:  It's a boogie board but it's Snot.

Mom: How do you like to spend your free time?
Scarlett:  I like to play Minecraft with Noah.  I like to jump on the trampoline.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about mommy?
Scarlett: She treats me very friendly.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about daddy?
Scarlett:  That he plays with me.  Like tickle monster. 

Mom: Who are your best friends?
Scarlett:  I have a lot of friends.  Grace, Claire, Rian, Allison, Avery, Brady, Cynthia, Emma.

Mom:  That's a lot of friends.  Who would you say is your best friend?  
Scarlett:  That's hard.  It's Emma Kate. 
Mom: What is your favorite holiday?
Scarlett:  OOOOOOH  Christmas! Christmas! 

Mom:  What do you like about Christmas?
Scarlett:  That Santa gives you presents and it's also God's special day.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about having brothers and sisters?
Scarlett:  That they play with me.  They smile at me.  They love me.  They shake it off with me. (Taylor Swift obsesses)

Mom: What do you think that high school will be like?
Scarlett:  Really, really fun because you get jobs and get a license for your car.  It's just so awesome to me.  And I get to make Baynax like they do in the movie. 

Mom: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Scarlett: To the South Pole.  So I could see Santa.  Or is that North Pole?  

Mom: If you could make up your perfect day and do anything you wanted, what would you do?
Scarlett: I would go to Grace's house.  

Mom:  Do you feel older now that you are eight?

Scarlett: Yes! I'm just so tall.
Mom:  What's your favorite age you've ever been.  
Scarlett:  One.  I really like babies.  They are so adorable.  I bet I was so cute!

Current Favorites:
color: white and blue
toy: trampoline and Bloom doll
movie:  Frozen 
TV show: Rocky and Superman (movies- but she watches them on TV and says there is not a difference)
food: rice and beans and taquitos 
candy: Skittles and Reese's
book: Frozen 
song: Taylor Swift "Shake it Off"
ice cream: chocolate

Scarlett's Year In Pictures

adoption day


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