June 19, 2015

So Many Things

It's strange watching your kids grow up.  There are so many times where I look back on the days when they were babies and I think, "WOAH!  That was so much work!" That work just shifts around as they get older.  It takes on a new life as they grow and get "their own lives".  My kids now have their own activities and friends and clubs they are in that have absolutely nothing to do with me.  We are finding ourselves very much entering that "chauffeur" phase of parenting.  It is so different from that stage of parenting where you spend endless weeks on end at home with little ones.  The rare night at home or the weekend off feels foreign right now.  It's fun and exciting and it fills me with pride to watch my people do their things- but it's also exhausting.  Our nights are filled up constantly.  But the days?  The days are slow and lazy this summer.  Lots of hours playing and running in the sprinkler and reading good books and swimming and doing all the wonderful things that not having school brings.  I'm worried that in the future when I recall this season of life, I'll remember it as a tough time- so I want to make sure I document the beautiful times, too.

Sadie seems to be our busiest kid right now.  She just "graduated" from the 5th grade.  At her 5th grade promotion ceremony, each child had to say what accomplishment they were most proud of this year.  In front of all her classmates and their families, she admitted that what she was most proud of is that this is the year that she gained control of her anxiety.  I found that to be so brave.  

 5th grade promotion

As a result of getting the anxiety under control, Sadie found all kinds of desire to try some new things.  It's such an incredible thing to watch because she's always wanted to be the kid who just blended into the wall and never try anything new.  We tried to say yes to all the things because we really wanted her to find something to do that she was passionate about and to try to encourage her to take some risks- and not to worry so much about failure.  She tends to be a perfectionist and we tried our hardest to encourage her to just try, even when she wasn't going to be the best at something.  When she sets her mind to something, she goes after it.  She tried our for the school play and got a huge speaking role AND a solo and she pretty much just stole the show.  

She tried softball and horseback riding and playing the flute in the band.  She learned that she totally hates the flute, but she stuck to the commitment she made and played for the whole school year.  On the last day of band she cheered, returned her flute and will probably never want to play an instrument again.  You win some, you lose some.

More important than anything else that she did this year, (or her whole life for that matter) Sadie made the decision to be baptized.  She approached us over a year ago about wanting to be baptized.  We helped her process what a huge decision that was and talked about it for many months to make sure that she understood the magnitude of what being baptized meant. She asked that my Granny Sadie baptize her since Granny is truly the spiritual backbone of our entire family.  She invited all of her friends (and even her teachers) to come to church that day.  People showed up in droves to support her.  That child single handedly got over 40 people to church that morning.  She stood up in front of all of them and tearfully read her testimony and talked about her need for Christ.  As a parent, there has not been a time in my life where I have felt more proud of one of my children.  It was a spectacular moment in time for our whole family. 

The two Sadies.  My heart nearly bursts every time I look at this photograph. 

Miles signed up for football.  In his own words, "I've waited my whole life for football."  He's been conditioning in the middle of the night for the last year.  Sometimes I wake up and hear him rustling around upstairs and I'll find him doing push ups and sit ups.  His obsession goal is to make his muscles so big, they "explode".  He's getting close.  

This is how Miles laid his clothes out for school every single night before going to bed.  Seriously.  

It is all sports all the time.  He's our only kid that is wired that way.  His Daddy loves it.  Those two spend HOURS watching games together.  Talking about games.  Thinking about games.  When there is not football to obsess over, he lets basketball suffice.  Or baseball.  Or pretty much any other things with a ball. 

This is the game he made up called Willie Cauley-Stein. 

There is very little non-sports related news to report.  He's lost teeth.  He's insanely cute.  He finished first grade.  School is just that little thing for him that takes away 8 hours a day away from his sports time.  Boys are pretty much the best. 

Scarlett is super into writing and drawing.  I think she has at least a dozen notebooks going at all times with her drawings and writings.  

She would make a great fashion designer... or tattoo artist.  She will spend hours drawing just the right details on her character's clothing or accessories.  
She's playing coach pitch baseball with her brothers this summer.  Much to her surprise, she actually liked it!  It's fun to watch her have a good time.  At the last game she hit a triple and outplayed her brothers like a boss. 

She switches back and forth between girly girl and fearless fierce warrior seamlessly.  I think that ability to adapt to different groups of people will serve her well.  

For many months, she begged me to style her hair into a mohawk.  She was really feelin' herself with that mohawk.  She just ate up all the attention that got her.  

 One of the things that cracks me up the most about Scarlett is her ability to sleep anywhere.  When she gets tired, she's out like a rock. Sometimes when we go places, we just pick her up and move her from place to place.  

Scarlett tries so damn hard.  She has a work ethic that puts my other kids to shame.  Most things take her twice as much effort as other kids and she just doesn't give up.  She just keeps going.  

Noah is going through a phase (I call it a phase but it's lasted four years or so now) where he is just stuck to me like glue.  The phase now includes him wanting to take pictures of us together constantly.  My phone is full of mommy and Noah selfies.  Hundreds of them.  It's getting out of control. 

 Watching Sadie play softball.  He is her biggest cheerleader. 

We had to wait a long time at the pharmacy for prescriptions one day.  Noah found the pads and instead of reading "Poise" he read it as "Pose".  So he did.  

Summer means he's busted out his summer uniform of white tee shirt and shorts.  Wonder where he gets that?  

2nd grade play.  Abraham Lincoln and a mechanic walk into a bar...

As for me, I was asked to be the keynote speaker for a retreat of about 100 adoptive and foster moms last month.  It was called Together In The Trenches. (If you are from the Louisville area, you NEED to go to this next year) I said yes to the event back in the winter- back before I knew I was going to need a hysterectomy or that our lives were going to include residential treatment facilities and my poor husband needing to take a billion days off of work to take care of all the things.  Leading up to it was very trenchy.  As timing would have it, I got up in front of all of those amazing women to speak just 8 days after having my uterus yanked.  I think my pants were unbuttoned in this picture.  Just whatever. Talking to other moms is about my favorite thing in the wide world, so there was no way I was going to let a little surgery stop me. 

Thankfully, I made it through and it was an incredible experience.  I over-shared, cried and told all of my best "from the trenches" stories and tried my hardest to give encouragement for the journey.  It was such an honor to get to attend this retreat.  I met so many women doing the hard things, raising the hard kids.  True heroes in my book. 

All the women, laying hands on one another and praying over our families and our lives.  
Powerful stuff.  

Not long after that, I took a long weekend to spend with my besties.  Our friend, Cami, turned 40. Her husband arranged for several of us to fly in to Phoenix to help her celebrate.  He took their kids away and we invaded her house.  It was blissful!  Four days of laughing... it was good for my soul.  I pretty much have the best friends a girl could ever want. 

And a few more pictures for good measure of some of the rest of the things going on in our lives...

Kamron turned 37.

My mom and I tried to do a cute jumping photograph on our way to cheer on UK during the NCAA tourney.  As you can see, we don't jump well. 

Sadie was chosen to take our Congressman on a tour of her school. 


A night out watching a baseball game.  Otherwise known as the night we ate all. the. cotton. candy.

My childhood best friend came into town.  We hadn't seen each other in about a million years.  She came in the day before Sadie's baptism and helped me cook brunch food for 40 people.  We blasted Trisha and Shania and partied in that kitchen like it was 1999. 

My people got lost at Old Navy. 

 Hubby started a new band and they had their first gig.  They were pretty darn good, if you ask me.

We went to go see The Rolling Stones.  For as long as I've known Kamron, he has wanted to see them.  When we were driving a few weeks ago, we were talking about how going to a Stones concert would really be something to see.  On a whim, we decided to just go!  It was everything we'd hoped it would be :-)  Mick's still got it.
Last day of 5th, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st grade. 

From our front porch...

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