October 05, 2015

Life in Facebook Posts

All the things we've been doing for the last MONTHS according to Facebook posts.  I always have good intentions of blogging regularly.  Yes, I do.  Those fall apart.  Dear children's babybooks, this is as good as it gets.


 Love.  (from our annual Fourth of July bash)  ***aside*** Kamron shaved his head.  Seriously.  I still can not figure this phenomenon out.  I know this is "the thing" to do when men of a certain age begin to lose their hair, but I. Just. Don't. Get. It. 

July 9:  Hard night at football.

 July 10: Went on a walk tonight in search of beauty (and serenity)...Found it.

July 12:  Scarlett- age 8: So how do you get a baby in your belly? Pray and drink a lot of milk?"

 July 13: Two at church camp. Two about to beat the crap out of each other in full pads and helmets. We are nothing if not extremists.
July 16th:   LOCAL-ISH FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE MOMS... Several weeks ago a fellow adoptive mom told me she didn't know any other people in her real life who had adopted- they were all online. And I thought to myself, "WOAH! Maybe there are others out there who need a tribe?!" Tribe building is my favorite. After all, we have some unique parenting JOYS and challenges and we need each other. So I said to myself, "Megan, two things you do really well are bake brownies and invite people over." From there, I added "open a bottle of wine" for good measure. So if you are a LOUISVILLE/SHELBYVILLE KY area foster or adoptive mom, I just want to have you over to my house. I'm thinking July 16th. Help me spread the word, I want no mom left behind. No agenda here. If you want to tell us your kid is the best kid on the planet, we will rejoice with you. If you are about to send a foster child home to a rough situation, we will be sad with you. If you want to figure out how to navigate school family tree assignments, we'll brainstorm with you. If you just want to come for the brownies and wine and keep your mouth shut, I'm all about it. Basically, I just want to assemble fabulous women. Let's just build a little local community. If you'd be interested in coming, leave a comment below. Or if you know a mom who might be interested, tag her here. I'll send invites out with my address to anyone who is interested. I can't wait to see how this little experiment turns out...

****For the first meeting, we had over 20 moms.  For the second, we had none.  Which means people either hated the first one or they got SO MUCH SUPPORT they didn't need any more.  I served candy corn (classy) for that second one.  Which basically means I drank all the wine and ate all the candy corn with my mother.  Wine and candy corn is a totally acceptable dinner.

July 18th:  (From Kamron's Facebook)  All is right in momma's world again. Just delivered her Noah home from camp

 July 19: Learn to care for your child's hair, the adoption books say. Doing hair is a time that is ripe for bonding, they say. When I finally write a book, the chapter on transracial hair care will read, "endless hours of My Little Pony and hearing your child scream 'you are killing me!' repeatedly does not a bonding moment make." But dammit, my parts are getting freaking awesome. ‪#‎itsagoodthingshescute‬

July 20:  First sleepaway camp with a buddy. 

July 21: Maggie thinks she's a people.

July 22:  Great weather for a game!

July 23: We have two, little, spotted baby deer living in our woods who are starting to come out to play a lot in our back yard. It feels like Christmas every single time they peek their curious little heads out of the tree line.

 July25: My parents wore all their Eagles records (then cassettes) out. Don and Glen and the boys have always been one of our faves. Hanging out with my mom (my mom is funner than your mom) at The Eagles tonight.  Also, Don Henley is still the ultimate silver fox.

July 27:  Beach Babies  (in Hawaii)

July 29: Pulled off the road at a gorgeous beach and got the privilege of swimming with dozens and dozens of giant sea turtles. It was one of the most amazing things we've ever experienced. (Except miles who hates animals- he chilled on the sand) ‪#‎makingmemories‬

July 31:  (From Kamron's Facebook)  I'm a lucky guy. The "scenery" is beautiful. And the background isn't bad either! 
***he scored major points with that sweetness***


August 2:  I love these little adventurers! at-Napali Coast, Kauai

 August 4:  SISTAHS!  *** one of my favorite photos ever*** (as Hanalei Bay)

August 10:  I am having a minor (ok, major) panic attack about middle school. All my cute little elementary kids are wiping off their tennis shoes and putting their supplies in backpacks. And it's all good. But the middle schooler... Who is still sweet and innocent and who actually still likes me... I've been warned she will come out of that school on the first day all angsty and weird. And so today I'm feeling like elf... We will eat tollhouse cookie dough as fast as we can and snuggle and soak it up...Because all the people have convinced me that in 36 hours she will become an unrecognizable monster and I will have all the tears and gnash my teeth about WHERE ARE THE YEARS GOING?!?! ‪#‎helpmetomcruise‬

August 12:  I'm usually doing a happy dance on the first day of school- this year I went down the rabbit hole of "next they'll be going to college and getting married and moving out and TIME IS MOVING TOO FAST." Lord, I pray these children will not be as dramatic as their mother. And that they will be kinder than necessary to everyone they meet. Amen.
First day of sixth, third and third grade. (Doing something a little different with Miles this year so he starts in two weeks)

August 12:  Miles has decided that starting school two weeks later than the others and being an "only kid" during the day has its perks. GranMary and Papaw David had him over for breakfast and he didn't have to share them with anyone. Then an afternoon on the pond bank with his great-granny. It's good to be king.

August 15:  These two lifelong besties survived their first week as middle schoolers. That accomplishment needs a sleepover for sure

August 17: Reading with Miles... He's cracking me up. The word we are trying to read is "parents". He says:
Pair of pajamas?
Pair of nuts?
Pair of noodles?
"No Miles. That word is parents."
"Huh? Are you sure? I think it's pair of nuts."

August 20:  Went to buy school uniforms this morning. Or as Miles calls them... School boy costumes. 

August 21:  There are few things cuter than my mother. Also, those leg muscles. For real.

August 24: So, Jen Hatmaker's new book arrived in my mailbox today. As I'm reading through it I keep thinking about all my girls I want to pass this on to- because I love to give my friends words to read (as evidenced by the ridiculous amount of text messages they endure). In high school I thought that I'd never in a million years want to stay in this "god forsaken town where people go to Walmart for FUN". But now, I wouldn't trade this small town life surrounded by people who love me big and who let me love them big right back for anything. 

August 29: EAGLES WIN!  Go Miles #30

August 29: A night out with friends.  I love these women. 

August 30: Sometimes twist outs accidentally take a wrong turn toward mad scientist.


September 3:  "Mom, every time I walk into the chapel at school I get the coughs. Lots of coughs. I think I've got an allergy to mass." - Miles, age 7.

September 7: 13 years ago, this hottie and I said "I do". There's no one else I'd rather be on this adventure with. I love you, Kamron Terry. Happy Anniversary! 

September 9:  Our power was out for thirty minutes, and all hell broke loose. No batteries. Not a single flashlight in our house worked, we only had two candles that weren't burned down to nothing. Children lost their ever loving minds because it was SO. DARK. AND OMG WE HAVE TO SLEEP IN THE DARK! I gave many speeches about children all over the world who don't have power blah blah blah. Essentially I learned in those 30 minutes that we utterly suck as people and that the stockpile of cooking oil and spaghetti noodles that Kamron keeps in the basement for the apocalypse is USELESS. We will last exactly 25 seconds when the zombies take over the world. God bless America. 

September 13: We seriously *NEED* a pygmy goat. (with my Dad's pygmy goat, Bucky)

September 18: "Mom, the next time I get my hair cut I'd like it to look like a farm. You know, how the fields have lines in 'em when they get mowed? That's what I want it to look like." 

September 18:  I just dropped off my baby (and all her darling friends) at her first school dance. Listening to a group of nervous 11/12 year olds is pretty much the best, most hilarious, most awkward thing ever. Love her.

September 19:  TOUCHDOWN MILES TERRY!!! Saturday mornings should come with a side of Xanax for the mothers. We ❤ #30

September 19:  From my mom's Facebook-  Our team raised $7,455 for Bike to Beat Cancer! Thanks to all who gave and those who came out to support the ride  (my mom with the bike and our whole extended family)

September 21:  I have been three weeks without soda. In related news, my coffee consumption is up 5073% as are my attempted murders.

September 24:  Noah wakes up 20 minutes before all the other kids every day. The two of us have breakfast together and snuggle and solve all the world's problems before 7am. This morning, over our Cheerios, he says, "I know I've heard it a million times but tell me the story of how you and daddy met and fell in love again." He grins all the way through it every single time. I can't think of a better way to start the day.

September 27: About a year or two ago, Sadie became obsessed with baking and decided she wanted to become a pastry chef. She has spent all of her free time this week writing a business plan for a "bake shop" she wants to open after school in our town. She's consulted cookbooks, business books, studied kitchen chemistry, priced out ingredients and printed business cards. Her birthday is in a month and all that's on her list is a kitchen-aid stand mixer. 

September 29:  When your children hear the new Selena Gomez song and are certain the lyrics are "I'm farting carrots" instead of "I'm 14 carats" hilarity will ensue.

September 30: You guys. I just can't even. The people who have invested in my Sadie her whole life... It's overwhelming. Over the last few weeks as Sadie wrote her business plan to open a bakery, we never anticipated how many people would want to encourage her. Those of you who messaged for our address to mail cookbooks and her darling math teacher who placed the first official order for the bakery... And then Grandma Neeter gifted her with the much desired mixer!!!. I just want to cry with how well people love my littles. Gosh, we have a great village.

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