November 16, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday, Sadie!

Dear Sadie,

Happy birthday, love!  Today you are 12.  It's the last year before the teen years- and yes, I've already had all the tears about it.

So here's the deal.  This was the year of Sadie.  For real, you conquered life like a boss this year.  I'm just ridiculously proud of how you spread your wings and yet managed to stay true to yourself.  You overcame a lot of fears this year and tried a lot of new things.  You are a creature of habit so this trying new stuff thing kind of took me by surprise.

The two biggest things to happen to you this year were you deciding to be baptized and you deciding to open a business.

Your baptism was one of the greatest days of my life.  You asked your Granny Sadie to baptize you and it was such a special day for our whole family.  You read your testimony with tears in your eyes and made me so very proud.

And then you decided that you wanted to open your own business.  For months you studied recipes and practiced them and learned about food science.  Then one day you came downstairs and showed daddy and me this extensive business plan that you had written about wanting to open your own bakery.  It had stuff in it like profit margins and operations costs and we were like, "WOAH".  When you want something you go at it all the way.  So you started baking and our friends and family and your teachers started buying stuff and now your mixer never stops whirring and you've got a full fledged little operation going.  Plus, your stuff is so YUMMY!  You've got a gift!

You started middle school this year.  It's like you are growing up right before my very eyes.  It was super evident the night you went to your first school dance.  You were just stunning!

I worried when you started middle school that you would turn into an angsty brat.  I'm not sure why I thought this- people warned me about these middle school years.  But darling- you are just becoming more and more fun with each passing day.  You come home from school and you still trust me with your big feelings.  You've surrounded yourself with friends who are good people.  You've got a good head on your shoulders and you are soldiering through this middle school gig like it ain't no thing.  The other thing that happened this year is that you NEVER STOP TALKING.  Ever.  For some reason this was the year you got all the words.  I kind of love it.

Keep being brave and kind and slooooooow it down with the growning up!

I love you!

Sadie's Birthday Interview

**** The tradition in our home is for me to "interview" the kids each year on their birthday.  You can see Sadie's other interviews by clicking on 20142013,  2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.)  I love watching how their answers change over the years but how the fundamental aspects of their personalities stay the same. ****

Me: If a genie would grant you only one wish, what would it be?
Sadie: That I could have my own bakery- an actual shop.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Sadie:  A baker.

Me: Do you want to get married when you grow up?
Sadie: um hmm.
Me: Do you want to have children?
Sadie:  yeah
Me:  How many?
Sadie:  Three.

Me: Do you feel different now that you are twelve?
Sadie: Not really.

Me: What is your favorite color and why?
Sadie:  I like the color orange because it's really pretty and yeah, it's just pretty.

Me: Who is your best friend and why do you like them?
Sadie:  Lucy and Kaylee are my best friends because they are a lot like me and they are always there to help me when I'm having problems. It's just fun to have them keep me company.

Me: What is your favorite TV show?
Sadie:  Once Upon A Time

Me: What do you like most about school?
Sadie: School is not really my favorite right now.
Me:  Why is that.
Sadie:  I don't know. It's getting hard and boring and there's a lot of homework and there's no recess, which stinks. And you can't sit next to your friends.

Me: What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Sadie:  That even though sometimes things don't work out the way I want them to I keep trying to make them work the way I want them to.  Even if I know they won't work out.  I don't give up.

Me: What do you think is the most exciting thing that's happened to you this year?
Sadie:  Probably going to Hawaii.  And then starting the bakery.
Me:  That's a big deal- starting your own business.
Sadie:  Yeah, it's fun to do that kind of stuff.

Me: What is your favorite song?
Sadie: I like a lot of songs.  I like Adele and Taylor Swift (as always).

Me: What is your very favorite thing to do?
Sadie:  Bake and play with my friends.  Or even better, bake with my friends.

Me: What is your favorite thing about Noah?
Sadie:  He enjoys playing with me and I like to play with him.  We have so many things in common.

Me? What is your favorite thing about Miles?
Sadie:  He's very energetic.  He doesn't like to stop playing so it means I always have someone to do something with when I'm bored.

Me:  What's you favorite thing about Scarlett?
Sadie:  Ummm,  having a sister is hard sometimes.

Me:  Tell me what your perfect day would look like.
Sadie:  I would be playing with the neighbors and spending time with Noah and we would go out and go to the mall and we would go and take a bike ride in the park. And there would be NO SCHOOL!

Me:  Tell me what you think your life will look like in 10 years.
Sadie:  I will probably be looking for a house and trying to look for a job.  But not a job that I don't like cause that's no fun.

Me:  What do you want your mark on the world to be?
Sadie: I want people to remember that I was always fun to be around and that they could come to me for advice.

Me:  What do you think was the most difficult part of the last year.
Sadie:  Probably school and then dealing with my siblings.  Cause some of them don't always agree with what the others are thinking and they make us fight.

Me:  What is one of your favorite memories from the last year.
Sadie:  When I smashed whipped cream in Uncle Bradley's face last night.  I think I'll remember that for a long time. and earning money from my bakery.

Me:  What do you think about boys?
Sadie:  All the boys at my school are so gross.  I don't like the boys at my school.
Me:  What about boys at other schools.
*** child lights up like a Christmas tree***

Food: Probably steak or Louisiana Chicken Pasta from Cheesecake Factory
Book: The Hunger Games series and a book called Stealing Freedom about the underground railroad
Movie: Elf
Activity to do on one on one time with a parent:  shopping with mom or playing softball with daddy
Activity to do with friends: just talking- we have so much to say to each other everyday
Sport: softball


 Happy 12th Birthday, Sadie!

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