November 10, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Scarlett!

Hey Scarlett!

Happy Birthday, little lady!  Gracious, what a year!  Lots of ups and downs this year.  Mostly this year, I think you need this reminder:

You are loved.  You will always be loved.  Even on no good, terrible, horrible, very bad days you are STILL LOVED.  Nothing is going to change that.  I know that people have told you this in the past and they didn't follow through with that promise.  I'm going to keep proving it to you.  You can test me on this (and OH HOW YOU LOVE TO, LOL!) and I'm not changing my mind, mmmkay?!  I'm gonna love you like a sappy John Legend song and there's not one thing you can do about it.  Are we square on that?

You've had a big year.  You finished second grade and started third grade.  You started participating in an after school program and it has been so good for you.  You've made lots of friends there.  You function really well when you are surrounded by structure- so having the same routine every day has been a blessing in your life.

You grew tremendously this year.  I think the total for the year was 5 inches and 25 pounds.  It's like you just exploded toward the sky.  You went from a scrawny little twig to a half grown woman.  You are pumped about it because you've decided that you'd like to be a basketball star.  We signed you up for basketball and you are counting down the days until it starts.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it's all you hope it will be.

One of your favorite things you did this year was go to church camp with your friend, Claire.  You all were gone for an entire week.  There was swimming and games and Bible study and lots and lots of playing.  You can't wait to go back.  I loved camp so much when I was a kid and I'm so excited that you love it so much, too.

You are the sleep champion of the world.  We tease you all the time about how you can fall asleep anywhere.  The world could be falling apart around you and when you get tired, you just kind of fold over like a lawn chair.  Daddy has been keeping a running tab about all the crazy places you fall asleep.  It's a huge source of entertainment for us :-)

You've decided that you'd like to be famous.  One day you told me, "Mom, you know how I always need so much attention?  I think I should probably be a pop star so I can get all the attention I want."  You are an insightful little thing.  This year for Halloween, you decided to be Taylor Swift.  All your fantasies came true!  Plus, you just looked completely adorable. 

Scarlett, I have no doubt that big things are in store for your future.  I look at all you've been through in your short life and can't help but wonder how it's all being knit together to change the world.  You are precious and you try harder than anyone that I know. That spirit in you that doesn't quit will serve you well.  It is a gift and I can't wait to see how you use it.  I just feel like you have this amazing power in you and when you figure out how to harness it, you will be unstoppable.  You are fierce and fiery and a big ball of sass, but you are also sweet and a deep thinker.  Put it all together and you are ready to tackle whatever lies ahead of you.  Keep plugging away, my love.  I'm rooting for you!

I love you,


***Every year, I interview each of my kids on their birthday.  Usually, I ask the same questions every year so that I can watch how their answers change (or don't change) from year to year (2014) (2013).  Sometimes I toss in a few new ones so that I can make sure to catch their little quirks and thoughts!***

Mom:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Scarlett: A rock star.
Mom: Why do you want to be a rock star?
Mom:  Cause I like to dance and I like to sing and I like to dress up because rock stars dress up.  They put on, like, dresses and shirts and pants that are really pretty.  So that's why I like them.

Mom: Do you want to get married when you grow up?
Scarlett: Yes.
Mom:  What kind of person do you want to marry.
Scarlett:  A smart person and a happy person.

Mom: Do you want to have kids one day?
Scarlett:  Yes!
Mom:  How many
Scarlett:  Three. Two boys and one girl.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about yourself?
Scarlett: I'm brave.
Mom:  Tell me how you are brave.
Scarlett:  Well, I'm brave, like, I can go on roller coasters and I'm brave to stand up for myself.
Mom:  Tell me about a time when you've stood up for yourself.
Scarlett: Actually, I stood up for somebody else.  One time someone was being mean to somebody and I said, "Can you please stop being mean?"

Mom: What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Scarlett: Writing.
Mom:  What kinds of things do you like to write about?
Scarlett:  I like to write about my family.

Mom: What is your favorite joke?
Scarlett:  Knock knock.  Who's there.  I mean disrupting cow.

Mom: How do you like to spend your free time?
Scarlett:  I like to play school and play with Noah.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about mommy?
Scarlett: My favorite thing about mommy is mommy is happy and when she doesn't like somebody she still is nice to them but she will always like people no matter what.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about daddy?
Scarlett:  He is funny and he is relaxing.

Mom: Who are your best friends?
Scarlett:  Jaylen, Emma, Maddie and Rian.
Mom:  Who would you say is your best friend?
Scarlett:  Jaylen

Mom: What is your favorite holiday?
Scarlett:  Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Mom:  What do you like most about those holidays.
Scarlett:  Well Christmas is God's birthday and Thanksgiving is just time to spend with your family.
Mom:  Do you like spending time with your family?
Scarlett:  Yes, I most like to go to GranMary's because David is the tickle monster and I just like their house because it's really pretty.

Mom: What is your favorite thing about having brothers and sisters?
Scarlett: They are happy.
Mom:  What's your least favorite thing about having brothers and sisters?
Scarlett:  Sometimes I don't like how they treat me. But I still love them.

Mom: What do you think that high school will be like?
Scarlett:  I think I'm gonna like high school.  I think it's gonna be joyful and a happy place to be.

Mom: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Scarlett:  I would go to Holiday World (amusement park)

Mom: If you could make up your perfect day and do anything you wanted, what would you do?
Scarlett: I would go to my friends' house.

Mom:  Do you feel older now that you are nine?
Scarlett: Yes.  Well, I feel taller and I feel a little bit smarter cause I'm nine and in third grade.
Mom:  What's your favorite age you've ever been.
Scarlett:  Hmmm, seven.  Cause I have lots of memories.  We went to vacation and I have lots of memories of our family together.

Mom:  Tell me one thing you hope happens this year while you are nine?
Scarlett:  I hope we get to go on another vacation with my whole family.

Current Favorites:
color: red
movie:  Curious George
TV show: Say Yes To The Dress
food: rice and beans
candy: Twix
book: The book you made me about my adoption
song: Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift
ice cream: chocolate


Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

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