March 19, 2016

Big Apple Birthday

My main squeeze is turning 38 today.  We are rapidly approaching the time where we've been together for half of our lives.  Weird.  Last weekend, I pulled off an epic birthday surprise.  I am THE. WORST. at surprises.  Never invite me to a surprise party- I will blow it.

Birthday Boy

For me to keep something a secret and actually not give it away is a pretty big deal.  For months I planned a get away to New York City sans kids (!!!!) behind Kamron's back.  I scheduled days off with his office managers, booked flights on a credit card that hadn't been used in a decade,  met with the babysitter on the sly, packed our bags and hid them and pretty much was the sneakiest person alive.  I scrubbed the computer history a billion times and had anxiety at level ten at all times and decided that I will never be able to be the kind of person who could have an affair because being sneaky makes me dysfunctional.

Every other person on the planet, including our kids, was in on the secret because I can not keep my mouth shut.  Basically, I have zero chill. I lived in fear that someone would tell him or let it slip on accident.  Finally, the day of the trip arrived and I woke Kamron up at 4 am and said, "Honey, you need to wake up. I'm taking you out for breakfast... in New York City." Kamron is the most non-morning person who has ever lived and he was all disoriented and could not figure out what was happening.  He was a good sport and didn't ask too many questions and just got up and showered and away we went. I think it finally hit him as we were boarding the plane what was happening.

It's been kind of a weird year.  One of our kids has been off the rails for the better part of the last 18 months.  I'm still figuring out how to live with rheumatoid arthritis and it makes me cranky and in pain a lot.  Kamron's work has been insanely busy.  We have lots of ill extended family.  As far as seasons of life go, it's been a difficult one.  But, I think it's been a great year of marriage, despite the fact that I think we only went out alone maybe three times in the whole last year.  I told Kamron on the plane that I really wanted to celebrate a great year of marriage as well as his birthday.  He said, "You think it's been a great year of marriage?  Hmmm.  I really thought I got on your nerves most of the year." So, you know, there's that.

On the rare opportunities that we get to go away for more than a couple of hours together I remember that we are FREAKING FUN PEOPLE.  When you get us away from kids and work (mostly kids) we figure out how to be the fun loving people we were back in the day.  I like us.  We made tracks all over that town.  We were complete and total tourists and it was THE BEST.

Central Park.  
Statue of Liberty

Top of the Empire State Building

Caught The Lion King on Broadway.

Times Square

China Town (God bless dumplings in China Town)

The Bull.  Kamron is a financial advisor, so this means something to him.

Me?  Not so much.  How should one pose with a butt?  I obviously don't know. 

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

And then there was the food.  Listen, a year and a half ago I got serious about my health.  That rheumatoid diagnoses scared the crap out of me and one of my besties and I joined Weight Watchers and I have kept off 30+ pounds.  Despite what Oprah says, you can not eat bread every day. So the weekend was a total splurge.  We pretty much ate and drank our way through the city.  Whatever Yelp said was the best thing to eat in each neighborhood was what we ate.  It was like one big three day progressive dinner.  It was glorious.

You know how you can tell the difference between a New Yorker and a tourist in the subway?  Tourists ride the subway like it is an entertainment event.  New Yorkers just look at you like you are so dumb without making eye contact.

And just a few others:

This is THE place to watch our beloved Cats while in NYC.  The Big Blue Nation represents well here :-) 

Happy, Happy Birthday KT.  You are SO very loved and celebrated by all... even Maggie. 

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