Adoption Resources

Welcome to my catch all conglomerate of adoption resources.  This is a work in progress.  I will be adding new links and resources all the time- so check back often for new info! 

Country Information/ Waiting Child Listings/  Latest Adoption News:

Children Available for adoption NOW in the US:

Project Hopeful: photolistings, funding, support for HIV+ orphans worldwide :

Positively (HIV+) Orphaned (also has a great listing of adoption grants):
Reece's Rainbow- Down Syndrome/Special Needs Adoption Listings:

Financing/Grant Info/Resource Planning:

Karyn Purvis- Attachment guru extraordinaire

Excellent Adoption Reading List for children and adults:

Are you ready for adoption?

What kind of adoption is right for you?

Adoption Tax Credit Info:

Adoption Nutrition/ SPOON Foundation:

Online Adoption Videos (including cultural identity/gay adoption and more:

How to Support Adoptive Families:

Find an adoption support group in your area

Christine's Theraputic Parenting Videos for kids with RAD/Trauma related issues:

Great List of Attachment Resources:

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