Hey!  I'm Megan.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  In the meantime, I'm writing it down, figuring it out, making mistakes along the way and trying hard to grow into the kind of woman I know God wants me to be. The problem is that I'm raising these four darling but pesky children so there is very little time for actual self reflection and personal development.  Basically it boils down to this:  we are the hottest mess around.  I know this because twice we've been interviewed by TV producers for our own reality tv show.  They only pick the very most dysfunctional people and thankfully we didn't quite qualify.  So there we are- teetering on the cusp of "total dysfunction" and "seeming to have it all together sitting in the church pew on Sunday morning".

I'm mid 30's.  The thirties are great.  You have just enough gray hair to be problematic but just enough comfort in your own skin to not really give a damn. We have some great adventures and my children's antics are hilarious.  They really are the funniest people I know besides Tina Fey.  (I don't really know her, I just heart her)

Two of our kids came to us the old fashioned way (please, don't picture it) and two of them came to us by way of international adoption from the DR Congo. I love to write about adoption and advocate for the orphans left behind in Congo.  You name it- we've been through it: post partum and post adoption depression, reactive attachment disorder, sensory processing disorder, a hard as heck adoption transition, PTSD.  And while, yeah, I talk about that stuff in a scary honest way, mostly what you'll find here is encouragement for the journey and an anecdote or two about my wild kids (or the embarrassing things I do on a near daily basis) to make you laugh and get you through your day.

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Want to know more about me? Take a look at 101 fun facts about me and the subsequent Megan 201 and Megan 301.  And now, for the rest of the gang...

Cast of Characters:

Kamron- the husband/father/rocker.  Really, he's a rock and roll star... kinda.  He's a financial advisor by day and he plays guitar with a band for fun when his alter ego needs to pop out. When we met a million years ago, he used to wear leather pants (seriously) He's obsessed with University of Kentucky sports, trivia, traveling and making lists.

Sadie- Sadie is 12.  People dog on pre-teens but she's pretty much the best.  She keeps me sane.  She writes out the grocery lists and reminds me when we need to buy toothpaste.  She's got that totally responsible oldest child thing going for her.  Sadie has a huge heart and last year, she opened her own business.  She loves spending time with her friends and baking.

Noah- the middle little.  Noah is 9.  He's a lover not a fighter.  He is mama's boy through and through.  He's into playing outside, reading at a breakneck pace and juggling his three best gal pals.  The boy is a lover of women.  Noah has such a contagious laugh and he's the jokester in our family. He's sensitive and caring and so freakishly smart.  He will be our one to become a scientist and cure cancer.

Scarlett- Scarlett (9) came to us at the age of 6 from a disrupted adoption.  She is all kinds of precious. She's girly and loves dolls, dressing up, her teachers, and watching anything with a fairy on it on TV.  She loves to draw and is a gifted artist.  Strong willed does not even begin to describe...

Miles- the baby and the wild child.  Miles is 7 and is the JOY in our family.  He rounds us out with his hilarity.  He's wise beyond his years and his been through a lot in his short life.  Miles was born in Africa and made his way into our family in early 2010.  Miles is into super heroes, every single sport imaginable, cars, cereal, and his siblings.  He's nuts for his brother and sisters.  They would say he's just nuts.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you'll click around and stay awhile.  I'm glad you're here!

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