Hi!  I'm Megan- a wacky, mixed up, faith filled, life lovin' mom of four.  We are a transracial adoptive family.  I have two biological children (Sadie and Noah) and Miles that we adopted in Feb. 2010 from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.  We welcomed Scarlett into our family through a disrupted adoption in 2013.

I am a 30 something mom who writes about my day to day life as a mother of four young children.  We have some great adventures and my children's antics are hilarious.  I love to write about adoption and advocate for the orphans left behind in Congo.  You name it- we've been through it: post partum and post adoption depression, sensory processing disorder, a hard as heck adoption transition, PTSD.  And while, yeah, I talk about that stuff in a scary honest way, mostly what you'll find here is encouragement for the journey and an anecdote or two about my wild kids (or the embarrassing things I do on a near daily basis) to make you laugh and get you through your day.

I love advocating for adoption/fostering/orphan care.  I'm available for speaking engagements for churches and conferences.  You can view my full speaking profile HERE.

You can check out our most popular posts (the ones people tell me either make them bawl their eyes out or spew their coffee on their screen from laughter) by visiting our "best of" page.

Want to know more about me? Take a look at 101 fun facts about me and the subsequent Megan 201 and Megan 301.  And now, for the rest of the gang...

Cast of Characters:

Kamron- the husband/father/rocker -usually called hubster on this blog.  Kamron is the patriarch of the family.  He's a typical guys guy.  Avid sports watcher, lover of hot wings, snorer, and provider for the clan.  By day, he's a financial advisor.  By night, he's a rock and roll star, playing electric guitar with his band.
The Mister and Me.  How hot is he?
Sadie- the girly girl.  Sadie is 10.  She's got that uber responsible oldest child thing going for her.  She loves school, math, reading and spending time with her friends.  She has such a big heart, but can quickly remind me that 10 is the new 16.
Noah- the middle little.  Noah is 7.  He's a lover not a fighter.  He is mama's boy through and through.  He's into dinosaurs, playing make believe, playing outside and juggling his three best gal pals.  The boy is a lover of women.


Scarlett- Scarlett (7) came to us at the age of 6 from a disrupted adoption.  She is all kinds of precious. She's girly and loves dolls, dressing up, her teacher, watching anything with a fairy on it on TV and holding hands.

Miles- the baby and the wild child.  Miles is 5.  He's our strong willed little man.  He's wise beyond his years and his been through a lot in his short life.  Miles was born in Africa and made his way into our family in early 2010.  Miles is into books, all things CARS, peanut butter sandwiches, and his siblings.  He's nuts for his brother and sister.  They would say he's just nuts.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you'll click around and stay awhile.  I'm glad you're here!

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